Baby With Rare Heart Condition Spent Christmas at Home After it Miraculously Heals Itself

International   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Dec 26, 2013   |   1:57PM   |   Washington, DC

An infant boy who has had to spend his whole life in a hospital because of a rare heart condition was able to go home to be with his family after what appears to be a medical miracle.

Oscar was born with a heart defect and spent has spent his life in hospital. Lois and Jason Tasker were told Oscar’s only hope was a heart transplant and his parents feared he wouldn’t make it after 100 days on the transplant list.

Miraculously, Oscar’s heart healed itself. Doctors believe Oscar’s heart recovered after he was hooked up to an artificial organ, giving his time to repair itself.

The London Daily Mail has more on this inspiring story:

His father Jason, 33, said: ‘If someone had told me a few months ago we would be able to have Oscar home for his first Christmas I wouldn’t have believed them.

‘There had been terrible times when we didn’t think he would make it to see Christmas, so this is the best Christmas present any of us could have ever wished for.’

Doctors kept Oscar alive using an artificial heart as his parents faced an agonising 100-day wait with their son’s name on the transplant list.



But to the amazement of the medical team caring for Oscar, his heart healed itself.

Dr Richard Kirk, consultant paediatric cardiologist in charge of Oscar’s care, believes time on the artificial heart gave Oscar’s own heart time to rest and recover.

He said: ‘Someone up above must be smiling down on Oscar as his heart has began to work on its own.’