Father Deaf for 50 Years Hears Daughter Sing for the First Time

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Dec 24, 2013   |   2:23PM   |   Washington, DC

Ken Stehle has been deaf for over fifty years of his life. However, he was blessed to obtain cutting edge hearing aid technology which just hit markets this year, and his world is transforming as he utilizes his dormant sense for the first time ever. He is hearing the sounds of everyday life for the first time, and this week he unexpectedly heard his fifteen-year-old daughter sing to him in a surprise solo performance at her school.

Ashley, a high school student at Villa Duchesne High School, worked with teachers in her school’s advanced show choir group to arrange for a surprise performance just for her father. After seeing her sing as part of the choir, a teacher announced that Ashley had a solo, Daddy, Please Come Home for Christmas. Ashley used a special microphone that transmitted her voice to Ken’s coordinating receiver to ensure that he would hear his daughter’s gift to him.

Ashley noticed while she was singing that her father had his eyes closed. He never would have been able to interpret what she was saying with closed eyes before, but thanks to the new hearing device Ken could appreciate his daughter’s song without any other distractions. Ashley said,

He was just closing his eyes, he was listening to my voice

Ken was visibly moved by the experience of hearing his daughter sing for the very first time:



It was amazing. I got goose bumps all over me… I’m very proud of my daughter.