Ireland Gives Unborn Children a Horrible Christmas Present: Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 20, 2013   |   5:36PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Ireland picked a horrible time to decide to put into effect a new law the Irish Parliament approved earlier this year that opens the door for the first time to legalized abortions.

Although pro-life groups mounted an amazing campaign to attempt to defeat the bill and turned out tens of thousands of pro-life people at multiple rallies against it, the Irish Parliament approved the measure.

Ireland’s head of state, President Michael D. Higgins,  signed the country’s first bill on abortion into law. Abortions would be allowed when the life of the mother is supposedly in danger from the pregnancy and in cases when pregnant women may commit suicide, even though studies show abortion increases suicide risk for women. Pro-life groups worry this will open the door to legalizing abortions in other cases.

Despite signing the bill, the measure did not go into effect, until now.

Today, the Minister for Health signed the commencement order for the recent abortion legislation.

In an email to LifeNews, the Pro Life Campaign criticised the Government for the dishonest debate leading to its passage. The legislation will take effect from 1st January 2014.



Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“The debate that led to this legislation was shamefully dishonest. Everyone in Government knows that the legislation was not needed to save women’s lives. That is why the Government had to brow beat their TDs to vote with their party and against their consciences.

“As has been widely publicised the Government had to spend time and money on focus groups to come up with language that would confuse the Irish people into believing the legislation would be good for women. It will take time but the lies that have been told will eventually be exposed.”