Baby Born at 23 Weeks Heading Home for Christmas After Five Months in Hospital

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Dec 20, 2013   |   11:24AM   |   Chicago, IL

When Rene Pacyna went into labor in July — seventeen weeks prior to her expected due date — there was no telling what the outcome would be. She delivered a baby girl, Meghan Hope, who weighed in at less than one pound, was only eight inches long, and was given a bleak 10% chance of survival.

Meghan Hope spent the last five months in the hospital, growing and progressing a bit more each day.

Today, Meghan ways over seven pounds. She has grown and developed enough, with the help of medical interventions in the hospital (and a lot of love from her family), that she is finally able to live at home with her loved ones. The last milestone Meghan has yet to reach is eating on her own – but she can still live at home despite that minor disability. She will use a feeding tube in the meantime.

The baby is a fighter, according to her doctors, and her mother describes Meghan as an answer to prayer. After trying for years to conceive, Rene finally became pregnant with little Meghan. During that time, they learned to take life one day at a time—something that prepared them for the grueling journey they underwent during the months that little Meghan struggled to survive. One day at a time, but each day was a day closer to going home with her family.

Meghan Hope truly is a fighter. She is considered a medical miracle for conquering the overwhelming odds that faced her when she was born five months ago. Both Meghan and her parents exemplify the courageous fight that many critically ill, wounded, and disabled must endure to come out alive and well like Meghan did. They all deserve the support of a loving family and a hospital staff dedicated to their well-being and success. Meghan Hope will spend Christmas with her family, who now know more than ever before that the greatest gift during the holidays is the gift of LIFE.