Doc Quits Working With Abortionist Who Failed to Report Statutory Rapes

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 12, 2013   |   2:28PM   |   Fort Wayne, IN

An Indiana abortion practitioner who failed to properly report cases of statutory rape to state officials has lost his working relationship with a backup doctor, required by law for an abortion practitioner to be able to do abortions locally.

The Indiana state medical board is demanding that Klopfer, who failed to file timely reports on the abortions he did on a teen girl who were victimized by statutory rape, appear before them.

Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer was one of four Indiana abortion practitioners who waited weeks or even months to report abortions they did on girls under the age of 14, who are victims of rape. State law requires such reports three days following the abortion to protect girls from sexual abuse and victimization, but a recent report by the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel newspaper makes it clear there is a massive abuse of the system taking place as abortion clinics cover up rape to make money from abortions.

Klopfer called the failures an “honest mistake.”

Honest or not, a pro-life doctor who was willing to treat Klopfer’s abortion patients should they be victimized by botched abortions is now no longer willing to assist him.

Indiana Right to Life and Allen County Right to Life learned today that Klopfer is losing his relationship with his legally-required Physician Designee, or “back-up” doctor. Dr. Geoffrey Cly, OB/GYN, notified Klopfer in a letter dated Dec. 12 that he is terminating his relationship as Physician Designee effective December 31, 2013 because of Klopfer’s handling of 13-year-old abortions.

The Allen County Patient Safety Ordinance (Title 10, Article 10) requires doctors practicing but not residing in the county to have a relationship with a local doctor who can legally practice in Allen County. Additionally, state law requires abortion doctors to have local admitting privileges or have entered into an agreement with a physician who has admitting privileges at a hospital in the county or contiguous county concerning the management of possible complications of the services provided.

Cly, a pro-life physician who is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, became Klopfer’s Physician Designee in September 2010 because of his desire to protect the health and safety of any woman who may have a complication due to an abortion. As Klopfer’s Physician Designee, Cly would have cared for any of Klopfer’s patients with medical complications or situations arising after an abortion if Klopfer was not available. This is especially important because Klopfer resides in Crete, Illinois, and leaves Fort Wayne immediately after he performs abortions.

In a letter dated Dec. 12, Cly wrote to Klopfer:

Many people have wondered why a Pro-Life OB/Gyn such as myself, would provide back up emergency coverage for patients who had terminations. And, as I stated in my initial correspondence to you, I was willing to serve as your Physician Designee because “patients’ well-being and safety is of utmost importance to me.” Patients well-being and safety remains my top priority. However, recent information has revealed to me that you have placed other things higher in priority than the health and safety of your patients.

A November 25 news article in the South Bend Tribune lists three abortions that you incorrectly reported per state statutes to both the Indiana State Department of Health and the Department of Child Services concerning girls under 14 years old obtaining abortions from you. According to a December 1 article in the same paper, you admitted to failing to correctly report two of those abortions. Furthermore, you told an online news publication, RH Reality Check, that you now advise girls under 14 and their parents or guardians that they can go to Illinois or Ohio to avoid the under 14 reporting requirement for child sexual abuse.

Your failure to report 13-year-old abortions properly and your subsequent admission to advising parents to avoid state laws is alarming. According to Indiana law, sex with a girl under 14 – regardless of the perpetrator’s age – is child abuse. Your advice to cross state lines for abortions may help child abuse to continue and a perpetrator or abuser to walk free. This advice blatantly disregards patients well-being and safety measures that are so important to me as a practicing OB/GYN and the medical field as a whole. I am saddened to think that these young girls may still be in a situation where they are in danger of being forced into further sexual abuse and emotional trauma.

These choices have demonstrated a disregard for the health and safety of patients. I firmly believe your decisions completely undermined over coverage agreement and therefore I am terminating my status as your Physician Designee in Allen County, Indiana, and as your state-required local physician with admitting privileges. These terminations will be effective December 31, 2013.



Upon learning of Cly’s termination as Physician Designee for Klopfer, Cathie Humbarger, Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life stated, “Through Dr. Cly’s termination of his back-up relationship with the doctor who provides abortions locally, we hope Dr. Klopfer will understand the severity of his mishandling of 13-year-old abortions. No 13-year-old should lose their innocence through child abuse and Dr. Klopfer’s actions, especially to coach parents to take their children to other states for abortions, demonstrate that he was willing to overlook child abuse. Dr. Cly’s willingness to be Dr. Klopfer’s back-up doctor originally shows just how much Dr. Cly values the health and safety of local women. He wanted to make sure women received the best medical care possible if they dealt with abortion complications. We wholeheartedly support Dr. Cly’s decision to terminate his back-up relationship with Dr. Klopfer in light of his recent egregious actions.”

“Dr. Cly’s termination of his Physician Designee status with Dr. Klopfer will mean the abortionist must find a new back-up doctor by the time he performs his first abortion in January, or he will be out of compliance with state and county laws,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “We are not aware whom Dr. Klopfer’s back-up doctors are in Gary and South Bend, the two other cities where he performs abortions. However, we urge these local doctors to reconsider their relationship with Dr. Klopfer because of his mishandling of abortions on girls under 14 and the advice he stated he gives to parents to take underage girls across state lines to avoid child sexual abuse reporting laws.”

View Cly’s letter in its entirety here.

Meanwhile, women have filed more than 600 complaints against the Indiana-based abortion practitioner saying he submitted false and misleading reports to state health officials about their abortions.