European Parliament Votes Tuesday on Declaring Abortion a Human Right

International   |   Pat Buckley   |   Dec 9, 2013   |   11:01AM   |   Strasbourg, France

On Tuesday 10 December the European Parliament will meet in plenary to vote on a new version of the “Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” put forward by Edite Estrela, the radically pro-abortion MEP.

We urge all pro-life and pro-family supporters to email their MEPs to encourage them to vote against this very dangerous report.

 The report suggests that abortion is a human right, calls for compulsory sex education for all children in and outside of school, and attacks conscientious objection for healthcare professionals. It is believed that Vicky Claeys, president of the European section of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has claimed publicly to having been a co-writer of the report.

When the original version of the report was debated in plenary on 22 October, MEPs rejected it and voted to send it back to the FEMM women’s committee. On 26 November the FEMM’s women’s committee again passed the report and has now sent a new version forward to the plenary for 10 December. The new version of the report is extremely dangerous and must be rejected in its entirety.

The contact details for MEP’s from every European Member State can be accessed on this link. Simply enter the name of the Member State to list the MEP’s and click on individual names to find contact details.

The Estrela report is very dangerous because it:
  • says that abortion is a human rights concern, uses the myth of backstreet abortion to claim moral high ground yet no national or International law states abortion is a human right (section 33)
  • gives free reign to abortionists, calls for the non-prosecution of abortion (section 36)
  • presents liberal abortion laws, sex education, contraception as the ideal (section AK)
  • says attention should be devoted to killing unborn children, claims sex education and contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies, contrary to the peer-reviewed evidence (section AE)
  • calls for the rejection and overriding of all pro-life laws (section 7)
singles out and attacks traditionally pro-life countries for protecting unborn children (section U)
  • wants the EU to skirt around the right of Member States to implement pro-life laws and policies, via EU strategies and policies about public health (section 13)
  • wants new EU Member States to make access to abortion and contraception easier, considering prolife laws and policies as obstacles (section 17)
  • wants to curtail countries from protecting its citizens, born and unborn (section 29)
  • calls for abortion on demand on spurious “risk to health or life” grounds, discriminates against unborn children conceived in rape, makes no mention here of support for mothers who do not want to abort (section 66)
  • again calls for the non-prosecution of abortion, dictates to EU Member States and countries wanting to join, making pro-abortion position a requisite for membership (section 37)
  • attacks large families (section 26)
  • attacks and wants to curtail conscientious objection to abortion, attacks faith based hospitals and staff (section 34)
  • targets children and teens, calls for children, teens, young adults to act as sex education propagandists in the EU and even to candidate countries (section K and section 40)
  • calls for compulsory anti-life sex education for primary school children onwards (section 41 and 45)
  • wants to make sex education a human rights concern (section 42)
  • dictates that the homosexual agenda must be promoted in schools (section 51)
  • wants the EU to impose abortion as part of overseas development assistance (sections 76, 81, 85)
  • anti-life definition of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHRs) purported as a human right, essential for highest level of health (sections G, 1, 4, 14, 25, 67)LifeNews Note: Pat Buckley a lobbyist for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.