Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Dec 9, 2013   |   11:59AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion mills, supposedly advocating “choice,” have failed for forty years to inform women of all of their choices when it comes to pregnancy. Abortion facilities advocate abortion choice because, well, it’s their main source of revenue.

They don’t profit off of other pregnancy outcomes. Vulnerable women in unplanned pregnancy situations are frequently also pressured into this choice by a partner or relative. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign reveals thousands of women’s testimonies stating that they did not know there were other options, such parenting with the support of organizations that could help them with their expenses, or adoption. Every voice was echoing the same word: abortion.

But there are caring organizations that exist to affirm that abortion is not a woman’s only choice. They are called pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).  That’s why so-called “feminist” and “progressive” groups are afraid. Very afraid. Their everyday work, to keep abortion legal (while failing to keep it “safe” or “rare”), is threatened constantly by organizations that exist to inform women of their other choices. So, in November, these organizations (like NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Feminist Campus), banded together to create a painfully unimpressive campaign to “expose” the work of CPCs.

The campaign was called the CPC Week of Action, and its goal was to create a stream of negative information about NARAL was so desperate to see CPCs hurt by their campaign that it encouraged supporters to write fake Yelp reviews about the pregnancy centers. This action is illegal in some states. It’s unsurprising that NARAL would resort to unethical or illegal practices to further its smear campaign; we have seen their leader, Ilyse Hogue, lie through her teeth to protect the organization’s image.



Cue the Buzzfeeds and Tumblrs all about how dishonest CPCs are. Cue the Facebook ads and tweetfests (like #CallOutCPCs) to spread the word about how pregnancy centers want to force women into choosing life. But one major part of the initiative, which seems to have failed to come to any kind of notable fruition, is the CPC Week of Action’s campus initiative. Despite major pushes on social media, on blogs all over the web, and from the Feminist Campus organization, students seem to have been uninterested in this newest conspiracy theory from the “progressive” movement. Maybe conjuring up examples of how horrible it is to offer women hope in time of crisis is just not as “progressive” as groups like NARAL seem to think. Maybe the CPC Week of Action should be renamed in retrospect to “CPC Week of Failure.”