Twin Boys Born Eight Days Apart at Just 25 Weeks

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 7, 2013   |   4:56PM   |   Halifax, Canada

In a rare occurrence, twin boys were born eight days apart — making it so each get their own birthday despite sharing time together in the womb.

At IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Canada, Edonna Bean had a pregnancy that was so-high risk she traveled from Bermuda to Canada to give birth because of the top-rate facility at the medical center. Although she arrived early, her unborn twin babies had their own agenda and she went into labor at 25 weeks.

Emyr was born weighing one pound 14 ounces and she told the newspaper there that he and his brother are worth ever sacrifice.

“I’ll never forget that, as long as I live. But he was worth it. My little miracle,” she said.

But then her contractions subsided. Her second twin seemed to be happy where he was.

“Each day that I woke up he was relaxing and playing and having a good old time with the extra space. It was wonderful,” she said.



Because the babies were so premature, every extra day in utero was important. But after eight days, Bean got an infection and her second boy, Esai, was delivered by caesarean section.

It’s only the second case of twins being separated by birth at the IWK in 25 years.

Bean is happy with the outcome. “It’ll just be more birthday celebrations,” she said.