War on Women: ACLU Says Pro-Life Laws Protecting Women’s Health are “Stupid”

National   |   Steve Aden   |   Dec 5, 2013   |   11:19AM   |   Washington, DC

Rather than confront evidence of unsanitary abortions, the ACLU chooses to mischaracterize commonsense health regulations with juvenile cartoons.

More and more states are adopting commonsense laws to protect women and children from the abuses of the profit-driven abortion industry. And for good reason: state inspections have found alarming violations of health and safety regulations and closed down some clinics, herehere, and here. While some states have shut down filthy, unsanitary clinics, other clinics skate by due to under-regulation.

How is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) responding to these revelations? Is it applauding new protections for women and children? Is it part of the solution to the threats of abortion?

No, the ACLU is waging a campaign – “They Think We’re  Stupid” — to mischaracterize the efforts to clean up Big Abortion’s health hazards. And the ACLU has enlisted the help of Jen Sorenson, a political cartoonist, to illustrate the campaign in “Stealth Attack: What you need to know about the new abortion laws,” seen here.

Sorenson’s cartoon mocks new state laws as trite and trivial. She headlines a series of cartoon panels “One favorite ‘incremental’ tactic of these groups: Utterly Bogus Clinic Regulations.” The cartoon claims laws actually written to hold abortion clinics accountable to commonsense health and safety standards are forcing them to close because of parking lot size and the width of hallways, as measured by a man who claims, “This simply won’t do,” and “Tsk! Tsk! Not big enough!”

When a woman in an abortion clinic complains, “Our staff is highly trained, but your requirements are impossible to meet!” the same man responds, “Impossible, eh? Guess you’ll have to close!”

The ACLU-approved cartoon also shows a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ character who could be the grandson of Yosemite Sam firing a semi-automatic rifle in the air and yelling, “Keep your government hands off my everything.” To which Sorenson writes, “Recall that normally these are the anti-regulation people.”

Sorenson’s cartoon pillories pro-life allies of Alliance Defending Freedom for writing model legislation and teaming up with extremist politicians who “pass clone bills.” Those lawmakers are portrayed as foolish. But, of course, pro-abortion lawmakers are praised as wise.

The same man who measured the parking lot and hallways says, “But … but … it’s to protect women’s health.”

The ACLU’s reply is: “Except that it’s not.” And: “No two ways about it: they must think we’re stupid.”

Sounding the alarm, the ACLU offers an “Exclusive sneak preview of the ‘choices’ we’ll have left in the future!”:

“Abortion only available in mid-air … if the reproductive health blimp happens to be around.”

“Time machine available to pre-2013 America. Warning: Do not go back too far.”

At least the second claim above is accurate about not wanting to go too far back. That’s because abortion proponents know that for most of America’s history, a culture of life protected women and children from the risks of abortion.

So pay no attention to the wise-cracking cartoonist behind the ACLU curtain who criticizes legislation that protects women and children. She’s withholding the truth that abortion clinics have historically not been regulated to the same degree as legitimate health facilities. And now recent new laws require abortion clinics to clean up their act and adhere to health and safety standards, or suffer the consequences.



Texas and Wisconsin also passed requirements for abortionists to gain admitting privileges at a hospital.  Admitting privileges are necessary because many a woman goes to a hospital emergency room after a botched abortion, and the abortionist is then nowhere to found. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood attacked this legislation designed to protect women.

Several abortion clinics in Texas refused to adhere to new and reasonable safety precautions and chose instead to close down. More than 40 clinics have closed down nationwide.

No, ACLU, your supporters aren’t “stupid,” just duped by your radical pro-abortion agenda.  Women’s health is a serious business. It’s not as trite and trivial as an ACLU cartoon. And Alliance Defending Freedom and our allies are working to protect women and children.

LifeNews.com Note: Steve Aden is the Senior Legal Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom.