Planned Parenthood Employee Arrested for Sexual Battery Against Patient

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 5, 2013   |   10:59AM   |   Sacramento, CA

The Planned Parenthood abortion business has a long history of covering up and failing to report sexual assault against minor girls. Now, an employee at its Sacramento, California center has been arrested on a count of sexual battery against a patient.

Sacramento Police tell a local CBS station that Jorge Martin-Santana, 28, allegedly inappropriately touched a patient while working as a medical assistant in October.

“Sacramento Police detectives got an arrest warrant from the district attorney’s office for Martin-Santana on Tuesday. He turned himself in on the same day,” the station reports. “Investigators believe this is an isolated incident, but encourages anyone who may have been victimized by Martin-Santana as a patient to come forward.”

“Tuesday, a warrant was issued for Martin-Santana’s arrest. Wednesday, police say Martin-Santana turned himself in,” the local Fox station adds. “Martin-Santana was booked at Sacramento County Jail on one count of sexual battery. Anyone with anything to report on the case can call Sacramento Police at (916) 264-5471.”

In February 2011, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic staffer who appeared in an undercover investigation video assisting two people who claim to be heading up a sex trafficking ring was fired.

In December 2008, a Planned Parenthood in Indiana suspended an employee after an undercover video showed the staffer covering up a girl’s statutory rape.

On tape, the Planned Parenthood nurse acknowledges her responsibility to report the abuse, but assures the student, Lila Rose, she will not.



“Okay, I didn’t hear the age [of the 31-year-old]. I don’t want to know the age,” she tells Rose.

The nurse then instructs Rose how to obtain a secret abortion by crossing state lines in order to avoid Indiana’s parental consent law and she coaches Rose on how to cover for the 31-year-old man by saying he is only 14.

And in 2007 an abortion clinic staffer in Connecticut was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing women.