Northern Ireland May OK Abortions on Disabled Babies, Those Conceived in Rape

International   |   John Smeaton   |   Dec 5, 2013   |   2:43PM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

Proposed changes to abortion law are not wanted by the people of Northern Ireland nor by their elected representatives, said SPUC Northern Ireland.

SPUC Northern Ireland was responding to reports today that David Ford, Northern Ireland’s justice minister, is to launch a consultation on whether Northern Ireland’s abortion law should be changed to allow abortion where the unborn child is terminally-ill or has been conceived in rape or incest.

Abortion is presumptively illegal in Northern Ireland and remains a criminal offence.

Liam Gibson, SPUC Northern Ireland’s development officer, told the media earlier today:

“The people and politicians of Northern Ireland have shown, time and time again, that they reject pro-abortion attempts to change Northern Ireland’s abortion law. I am confident that they will do so again. This consultation is not the result of public opinion but the result of a propaganda campaign orchestrated by the pro-abortion lobby and its willing accomplices in the media, most notably Stephen Nolan.”

Abortion is not a compassionate response to the diagnosis of fatal disability. Babies with fatal disabilities are no less human than other children and share the same right to life as all other human beings. The law in Northern Ireland respects that right, while the British Abortion Act has led to the situation where it is lawful to kill a disabled child up to birth.



Abortion in cases of rape or incest is also not a compassionate response for the mother. Abortion simply adds a second tragic and traumatic experience onto the first. Unborn children conceived in rape or incest should not be punished by being killed by abortion. It is a basic principle of natural justice that the innocent should not be punished along with the guilty.” Note: John Smeaton is the director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), a leading pro-life group in the UK.