Billboard Campaign Highlights How Abortion Kills 1 in 4 Children in Canada

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 4, 2013   |   4:38PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

A new billboard campaign in Canada bears a frightening message: the statistic that one in four unborn children are killed in abortion.

The Canadian educational group Niagara Region Right To Life kicked off its annual Christmas billboard campaign with a striking pro-life message erected at Bay St. & Davenport Rd, in the heart of Toronto.

“The billboard is designed to both tug at emotional heartstrings, and to educate people about a disturbing Canadian statistic, of which most people are blissfully unaware,” says the Campaign Life Coalition, a national pro-life group. “The billboard depicts four young children in a friend-chain, arms around each other’s shoulders, with one boy – the victim of abortion – faded out to illustrate how his missing presence represents a loss to the other children. He is a missing friend.”

“A person can imagine how these children have been deprived of his laughter, smiles and stories. One can picture how abortion has stolen away this blessing. One can recognize that abortion has produced a true impoverishment in the lives of the surviving children… a close friend who would have enriched their lives,” CLC continues. “At the same time, it educates the public on the shocking fact that over 1 in 4 Canadian pregnancies end in abortion. This billboard is certain to enrage the abortion industry which has benefited greatly from the mantra of abortion being “safe, legal and rare.”

Campaign Life Coalition concludes: “This myth of abortion being committed only in “rare”, “dire” circumstances is one of the factors that contribute to public apathy. A false impression has been created in the minds of many Canadians that abortion is used only for medically dire reasons. That is very far from reality. If at least 1 in 4 children in Canada are aborted during pregnancy, abortion certainly cannot be “rare”. In fact, it is being used as a back-up birth control method, and fully financed from the wallets of hard-working Ontario taxpayers.”

Niagara Region Right To Life’s billboard campaign began November 30th and will continue through January 2, 2014.