Abortion Doc: “Honest Mistake” That He Failed to Report Rapes of Teen Girls

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 3, 2013   |   1:13PM   |   Fort Wayne, IN

An Indiana abortion practitioner received national attention in September when pro-life groups digging through state records discovered that he failed to file a timely report on the abortion he did on a 13-year-old girl who was victimized by statutory rape.

Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer was one of four Indiana abortion practitioners who waited weeks of even months to report abortions they did on girls under the age of 14, who are victims of rape. State law requires such reports three days following the abortion to protect girls from sexual abuse and victimization, but a recent report by the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel newspaper makes it clear there is a massive abuse of the system taking place as abortion clinics cover up rape to make money from abortions.

Now, Klopfer is giving an excuse as to why he failed to obey the law and protect little girls from harm. It was just an “honest mistake” he said.

From the South Bend Tribune:

Klopfer admits to “an honest mistake” in failing to report two abortions he performed on girls younger than 14 from Gary in 2012 and South Bend in 2013. But he insists state records that he took six months to report a Feb. 7 abortion of a young teen in Fort Wayne are in error.

Indiana law requires doctors who provide abortions to girls under 14 to report the procedure to both the Indiana State Department of Health and the Department of Child Services within three days. Klopfer is one of several doctors who turned in reports late, according to state health department records. He works in clinics that provide abortions in St. Joseph, Allen and Lake counties.

Klopfer said he faxed the report in on the day of the procedure to the state department of health, following up with the mailed form later. Klopfer said he doesn’t have a confirmation report from the Feb. 7 fax because that office doesn’t set their machine up to generate them, but his South Bend clinic office does.

The Tribune reported last Sunday that state records indicate Klopfer is among several Indiana doctors who have been out of compliance with that state law.

State records showed a “received by” date of July 25 for the Feb. 7 procedure — contrary to Klopfer’s statement.

Allen County Right to Life, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, filed complaints in September with the Indiana Attorney General’s office and the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

The report shows that a 13-year-old had an abortion performed by Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, of the Fort Wayne Women’s Health Organization abortion facility, on February 7. The Indiana Department of Health reported receiving the report on July 25, not within three days of the abortion procedure as specified by law.



ACRTL’s Cathy Humbarger told LifeNews that her group filed complaints along with sidewalk counselor Evelyn Witte.

“It’s heartbreaking to learn that a 13-year-old became pregnant and now must live with the pain of an abortion for the rest of her life, but it’s doubly-heartbreaking that Dr. Klopfer’s failure to report the abortion may have allowed the girl’s molester to walk free,” she said.

“In Indiana, sex with a person under 14 is recognized as child molesting, regardless of the male’s age. No 13-year-old should have their childhood ripped out from under them like this young girl had. I call on the Attorney General to immediately investigate Dr. Klopfer’s failure to report this abortion. Sadly, this is not the first time I have filed a complaint over Klopfer’s failure to report an abortion on a 13-year-old within the time frame required by law yet he still practices today. His failure to report is appalling,” she continued.