Family Finds Obamacare Health Insurance Plan Won’t Cover Their Infant Daughter

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 2, 2013   |   1:40PM   |   Washington, DC

Millions of Americans have already lost their health insurance thanks to Obamacare and now there is a new problem — the Obamacare health care plans the small numbers of Americans have having success in obtaining aren’t covering everyone.

Witness this family in New York. Cornelius Kelly had no issues securing health insurance under the state Obamacare exchange for his family and some of their children, but their 18-month-old daughter was left out in the cold. He was told she would be required to have her own health insurance policy costing the Kelly family as much as $369 a month.

The New York Post has more information:

“I couldn’t believe what I was being told,” said the dad from East Quogue, in Suffolk.

Kelly said he was no fan of the Affordable Care Act, but when he received notice a few weeks ago that his current insurance plan was being canceled, he tried the New York State of Health Web site.

Kelly, 41, and his wife, Jennifer, 42, are self-employed and have always had to buy their own insurance. Kelly runs a title insurance business in Westhampton, and his wife is a pediatrician in private practice in Miller Place. “I initially went on with a lot of optimism,” he said.



Kelly said none of the plans offered out-of-network coverage, which was something he wanted. But even worse, they only covered his three older children, who are 3, 5 and 6.

When Kelly called a representative, he was told his daughter had to be 2 before she could be covered under a family plan. He would have to buy a separate plan for her, at monthly premiums that ranged between $117.21 and $369.31. The cost would be on top of a family plan with premiums ranging from $810.84 to $2,554.71 a month.

A man with cancer who complained about losing his health insurance thanks to Obamacare’s rules and regulations is now facing an IRS audit. Bill Elliot couldn’t afford the expensive premiums of a replacement plan after Obamacare shelved his health insurance and spoke out about it in a Fox News interview.

A woman with stage four gallbladder cancer is one of the millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance thanks to the rules and regulations that are a part of Obamacare. Edie Littlefield Sundby details her plight in a new article the Wall Street Journal published.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Harris of California, who is three months pregnant, is losing her current insurance thanks to the Obamacare rules as is a mommy of a newborn girl, who has cancer.