Late-Term Abortions are Okay But Animal Cruelty Isn’t?

State   |   Judy Trehan   |   Nov 29, 2013   |   6:52PM   |   Washington, DC

The same day that voters in Albuquerque, New Mexico refused to limit abortions to 20 weeks of pregnancy unless a mother’s life was in danger, a woman and her son in Bernalilo County, New Mexico,were arrested and are facing charges for extreme animal cruelty for putting their puppy in a plastic bag in order to photograph the size of the puppy.

The puppy incident created a firestorm from the media and the general public.  The puppy is alive and well, but granted, this mother did a stupid and regretful thing.  But where is the firestorm on behalf of the babies whoa are literally and painfully torn apart, limb by limb, in the process of later term abortions?

Scientific evidence shows that babies feel pain in the womb at 20 weeks or earlier.   Like the mother who photographed the puppy in the plastic bag, many pro-choice mothers are ignorant about life in the womb because the liberal media has successfully banned such facts from the public.  As a result, a woman can legally end the life of a baby with no public outcry but rather applaud the right to do so, while on the same day another is arrested and publicly decried for behaving irresponsibly with the family pup.

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LifeNews: Judy Trehan writes for Live Action News.