Give Thanks for Pro-Life Victories on Abortion this Year

Opinion   |   William Saunders and Mary Novick   |   Nov 27, 2013   |   1:27PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s the Thanksgiving season, and now is the time to reflect on this last year, the things that we are thankful for and the ways that we have been blessed. In addition to family, friends, and the opportunity to work in the pro-life movement, we personally are thankful for the bountiful gift of pro-life laws enacted in the states.

During the 2013 legislative session, at least 97 life-affirming measures were enacted in 35 states. Of these, 69 measures specifically concern abortion. These measures will save the lives of unborn children and protect their mothers.

Some of the pro-life victories we are thankful for this year include:

North Dakota enacted a prohibition on abortions because of a genetic abnormality. North Dakota is the first state in the nation to enact such a prohibition. This bill was based on AUL model legislation. This law is a groundbreaking achievement in protecting unborn children with disabilities.

Arkansas, North Dakota, and Texas enacted measures to ban abortion after 5-months gestation. We know that unborn children are capable of feeling pain by at least 5-months gestation, and we also know that their mothers have exponentially greater risks to her health from later-term abortions. These 5-month bans protect both the mother and the unborn child.

In the wake to the Kermit Gosnell case which showcased the barbaric treatment of unborn children born alive after abortion, we are thankful that Florida enacted a born-alive infant protection act to guard against that horrific practice.



We are also thankful that five states – Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Texas – enacted measures to regulate abortion clinics.  The new laws in Alabama and Texas require that abortion clinics meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. These laws are critical to protecting women from substandard conditions such as those found in the clinic of Kermit Gosnell.

These are just a few of many pro-life victories that we can celebrate.

This Thanksgiving, let us not forget to give thanks for the great successes for life in the states this year! We need to remember that we are making important strides toward building a culture of life, through the law, all around this country. These successes are critical for saving the lives of unborn children and protecting their mothers.