Chinese Lawmaker Wants Government to Give College Girls Free Abortions

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 27, 2013   |   5:25PM   |   Beijing, China

The world got a false alarm of sorts recently when media reports worldwide heralded the “easing” of China’s one-child policy. In a minor policy change that amounts to a drop in the buckets in stopping the population control and gendercide that happens in the Asian nation, family planning officials announced they would allow for two children instead of one in certain circumstances.

But, as they say, one step forward and two steps back.

In response to the move that may spare some unborn children from mandatory abortions, now a Chinese legislator wants college-aged girls to get free abortions paid for on the taxpayer dime. Surprisingly, the proposal has critics, as the Times of India reports.

Wei Aimin, a deputy of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, said he wants the government to stop young girls from being cheated by private hospitals which lure them with advertisements about “painless abortions” — which they are not qualified to offer.

He also said that many young students are unable to afford the high cost of abortions, and get trapped in a cycle of debt in order to get rid of unwanted babies.



“Students who get pregnant by accident are so afraid of their parents finding out that they are lured into these private hospitals, many of which are not licensed, and this increases their risk of incurring complications from the procedure, which has had serious impacts on students’ physical and mental health,” he was quoted by Global Times as saying.

The issue has attracted commentators over Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, with many saying that free abortions would defeat the government’s efforts to popularize the use to protection like condoms to avoid serious diseases like AIDS, as well as unplanned babies. They want abortion costs to go up as a means to stop irresponsible sex.