Abortions Decline 3 Percent Nationally as Abortion Clinics Keep Closing

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 27, 2013   |   7:09PM   |   Washington, DC

As more and more abortion clinics continue to close nationwide, the number of abortions nationally continues to decline. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its latest national abortion statistics today and found the number and rate of reported abortions fell 3 percent in 2010, the most recent year for which the CDC has statistics.

The three percent decline in 2010 follows on the heels of a five percent decline in 2009. The CDC reported 753,000 abortions in 2010, but that includes just 45 states and the best national estimate is about 1.2 million abortions taking place annually.

Thanks to pro-life state laws holding them accountable for health and safety standards, de-funding, and exposing abortion practitioners who are botching abortions or running afoul of the law. As LifeNews reported yesterday after the closure of an abortion clinic in Philadelphia:

The closure of Integrity Family Health represents the 47th abortion clinic closed so far in 2013. This number does not reflect abortion clinics that temporarily closed then reopened this year.

With the shuttering of Integrity Family Health, 616 surgical abortion clinics remain in the U.S. from a high of 2,176 in 1991. This represents a 72% decline in abortion facilities in the past 22 years, a real indicator that abortion is a failing business.

Randy O’Bannon, Ph.D., shed some light on the five percent drop the CDC noted last year.

When abortions drop, for whatever reason, that’s a big deal. Precious unborn lives have been saved and their mothers saved from making a terrible mistake.

But figuring out why they may have dropped, even when the exact cause may be unclear, is important too, especially if, like us, you very much want this trend to continue.

On Monday, National Right to Life News Today looked at the results of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) abortion surveillance report for 2009.



As I explained, the absolute number, 784,507 is far short of the real total of abortions (around 1.2 million) because the report has been missing several states, including the giant California, since 1998. Nonetheless, the CDC report offers a valuable snapshot of abortion in America, revealing important data and trends.

The CDC says that “multiple factors are known to influence the incidence of abortion” and goes on to list several: the supply of abortionists, pro-life laws such as waiting periods, parental involvement, increased acceptance of non-marital childbearing, population shifts, the economy, and factors such as contraception impacting fertility.

According to figures from the Guttmacher Institute, the number of abortionists has declined about 24.6% since 1992, from 2,340 to 1,793 in 2008. However, over all, those numbers have been fairly stable since 2000, when there were 1,819 abortionists. A steady stream of abortionists has continued to leave the practice, but others, particularly with the advent of chemical abortifacients like RU-486, have picked up the deadly mantle