Pro-Life Hispanic Leader Magaly Llaguno Posthumously Given Pro-Life Award

International   |   Human Life International   |   Nov 26, 2013   |   8:10PM   |   Washington, DC

During the VI International Pro-life Congress which took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador this month, Magaly Llaguno was posthumously awarded a special “Humanity Award” for her many years tirelessly working to defend life and family in Latin America.

Mario Rojas receives the award in honor of Magaly.Magaly passed away this past June after suffering a relapse of an aggressive cancer. She dedicated over 40 years of her life to fighting for the protection of the unborn. In 1984, Human Life International founder Fr. Paul Marx asked Magaly to be the Executive Director of Vida Humana Internacional (VHI), the Hispanic division of HLI, to defend life and family in Spanish speaking nations. Over the years of her pro-life activism, she developed a network of affiliated and collaborating pro-life organizations throughout Latin America and Spain that have saved countless lives and greatly contributed to building a Culture of Life.

Even while fighting for her life during the last year, she continued to collaborate with the USCCB, as well as with many pro-life leaders to bring ProMario displaying the award.ject Rachel and Respect Life Committees to Latin America. Magaly was given the 2011 “People of Life” award from the Pro-Life Secretariat of the USCCB for her work as a leading advocate for life internationally.

The ”Humanity Award” was given near the close of the international conference on November 10, 2013. HLI President Fr. Shenan Boquet and HLI Regional Director for Latin America Mario Rojas represented HLI at the Congress in Ecuador, but as Fr. Boquet had to leave Ecuador to travel to Malaysia, Mario received the award on behalf of the family of Magaly and the entire HLI family.



The Congress itself was a tremendous success, no doubt in part due to the decades of pro-life activism of Magaly Llaguno.

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