Obamacare’s Enrollment Period Changes Made Specifically to Win 2014 Election

Opinion   |   Carol Tobias   |   Nov 26, 2013   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

They started changing the rules as soon as Obamacare was signed into law.

Only months after Obamacare passed, with the final critical votes secured by Obama’s promise that the law wouldn’t fund abortion, National Right to Life exposed administrative actions designed to fund abortion.

We know all about the protections and waivers Obama’s friends and allies are receiving from the law while millions of average Americans not connected to the Administration lose their coverage or see their premiums skyrocket.

Now Obama is behind yet another cynical rule change, this one blatantly designed to help his party win the 2014 congressional elections.

This year’s open-enrollment period starting October 1st was a disaster.  Next year’s enrollment was scheduled to begin October 15th.  If even a fraction of this year’s 5.5 million insurance plan cancellations occur next year – and studies suggest there will actually be tens of millions more – and if insurance premiums skyrocket again, voters would be heading to congressional elections three weeks later feeling angry and betrayed.

It could have led to a landslide protest vote against pro-abortion Democrats who supported Obamacare and perhaps loss of Democratic control of the Senate.

So last week the Administration arbitrarily changed the enrollment dates.  Now 2014 enrollment will start November 15th, eleven days after the congressional elections.  It means American voters will be denied critical information about what Obamacare is doing to their pocketbooks and to their medical care until after they vote.

It seems this White House thinks it can retroactively amend any law whenever it wants, if it suits their political agenda.  And they feel absolutely no shame about it.

So here’s my question:  Rather than change the enrollment dates to protect their political allies, why didn’t they just change the date of the election?

Is the thought of that shocking?  Like something only a power-driven oligarch in a third-world country would do?

Well, that’s exactly the level of respect this Administration has shown for the American people.



Think about what they did with Obamacare.  They passed a law, based on a long series of now-broken promises, that forces taxpayers to pay for abortion coverage and other violations of their conscience.  It will ration life-saving medical care away from our loved ones, and ultimately, from many of us.  It will limit the medical research needed to save future generations.

If they would show such a blatant disregard for the truth and for human life itself, do you really believe they won’t do almost anything to keep power and advance their agenda?

Of course we know they won’t change the election date . . . but you and I can change the election outcome.  And we must!

One of the most effective forces for persuading voters on the life issues, including Obamacare, and then getting our voters to the polls is the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  It uses techniques and strategies to get out the pro-life vote that for more than 30 years have given pro-life candidates an average of three to five additional percentage points of the vote – enough to win many close contests!

It’s not too early to start supporting the NRL Victory Fund!  We must start today if we are going to reclaim the Senate for the pro-life cause in 2014!

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.