Obama Admin: We Will Win Our Bid to Force Hobby Lobby to Obey the HHS Mandate

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 26, 2013   |   1:56PM   |   Washington, DC

The Obama administration says it is confident it will prevail in its bid to force Hobby Lobby and other religious businesses and groups to obey the HHS mandate that compels them to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs.

Responding to today’s news that the Supreme Court will take Hobby Lobby’s case to overturn the HHS mandate, the Obama administration released a statement saying, “We believe this requirement is lawful…and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.”

The full statement appears below along with tweets from reporters covering it:

The health care law puts women and families in control of their health care by covering vital preventive care, like cancer screenings and birth control, free of charge. Earlier this year, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court to consider a legal challenge to the health care law’s requirement that for-profit corporations include birth control coverage in insurance available to their employees. We believe this requirement is lawful and essential to women’s health and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.

We do not comment on specifics of a case pending before the Court. As a general matter, our policy is designed to ensure that health care decisions are made between a woman and her doctor. The President believes that no one, including the government or for-profit corporations, should be able to dictate those decisions to women. The Administration has already acted to ensure no church or similar religious institution will be forced to provide contraception coverage and has made a commonsense accommodation for non-profit religious organizations that object to contraception on religious grounds. These steps protect both women’s health and religious beliefs, and seek to ensure that women and families–not their bosses or corporate CEOs–can make personal health decisions based on their needs and their budgets.



Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood sent out tweets supporting the mandate.