Ireland: TD’s Bill Would Legalize Abortions on Babies With Terminal Illnesses

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 21, 2013   |   3:51PM   |   Washington, DC

As the debate in Ireland over whether unborn babies with terminal illnesses should be aborted heats up, a member of the Dáil has proposed a bill to legalize abortions in such cases.

Independent TD Clare Daly plans to introduce a Bill in the Dáil to make abortion available in situations where the unborn baby has a terminal illness. The Pro Life Campaign is criticizing the bill and noting that parents sometimes get a wrong prenatal diagnosis about a supposed terminal illness that turns out to be untrue.

The pro-life group said it is deeply hurtful to families whose babies live or lived with a terminal illness to describe these children as ‘non-viable’ or ‘incompatible with life’.

PLC spokesperson Caroline Simons said: “Clare Daly’s latest abortion proposal exposes the hopeless quality of debate in the Dáil on this matter. The focus of debate has been to suggest abortion rather than to provide adequate peri-natal hospice care facilities to give help and hope to families who receive a difficult pre-natal diagnosis.”

She told LifeNews, “Many families who have received a poor pre-natal diagnosis have experienced much more precious time with their child than originally expected, or found that their child’s illness was not as serious as originally thought or in some cases there was nothing wrong at all.”

“The discussion in the Dáil and much of the media on this issue has become completely one-sided. It is time for a more open and honest debate. The new proposal from Clare Daly is lamentable, and fails absolutely to examine possible alternatives,” she concluded. “Notwithstanding suggestions to the contrary, our abortion legislation, which has no time limits and no medical basis, cannot be described as restrictive.”



The bill comes after parents who are members of the group One Day More met with politicians in Dáíl Éireann letting them know they don’t regret not having an abortion even though their children lived only a short time after birth or may not have been born at all. They told elected officials that they want to see the establishment of peri-natal hospice care facilities for unborn babies with terminal illness and their families.