Man Without a Face: Pope Francis Takes Time to Bless Severely Disfigured Man

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 20, 2013   |   2:26PM   |   The Vatican

Two weeks after Pope Francis blessed a disabled man who suffered from growths all over his head and body, the leader of the Catholic Church took the time to bless a severely disfigured man without a face.

The disabled man who made international headlines after Pope Francis blessed him was greatly appreciative of the Pope taking his time to bless him. Now, Pope Francis paused during his weekly audience to greet another disfigured person, showing his sensitivity to the dignity and worth of human life no matter what physical conditions they face.

Pope Francis stopped to speak to and hug the man who lacked facial features, as the London Daily Mail reports.

His actions have touched many across the world and revitalised the Catholic church. But for Pope Francis, comforting this stricken man after today’s weekly audience in St Peter’s Square was another simple act of compassion.



In scenes strikingly similar to his encounter with the disfigured Vinicio Riva two weeks before, the pontiff first spoke with the worshipper and then put his arms around him, blessing him.

The man’s identity is not known, nor are the details of what caused such terrible damage to his face.  However, his delight at spending a few moments in the presence of the leader of the Catholic church can be imagined.