Obama Admin Grant Allows Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Reopen Clinic

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 19, 2013   |   12:34PM   |   Mission, Texas

A grant from the Obama administration is allowing the Planned Parenthood abortion business to reopen a clinic in Texas it closed after the passage of new pro-life laws there.

Planned Parenthood has closed a number of clinics after Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks and holds abortion facilities accountable for higher health and safety standards. Other clinics closed after Perry signed a bill to stop taxpayer funding for the abortion giant.

But now, thanks to federal funding, a Planned Parenthood clinic will reopen in Mission, Texas that has been closed for two years. From a report on the re-opening of the clinic, which makes abortion referrals.

When House and Senate Republicans slashed the Texas family planning budget by two-thirds in the 82nd Legislature, 50 Texas clinics were forced to close and many more reduced access to services.

The Mission facility is the only clinic which has reopened.

The clinic utilized a $200,000 federal grant from Title X of the Public Health Services Act, the only federal grant program created exclusively for reproductive health care and family planning services. The grand was administered by the Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas.

Private donors contributed another $100,000 to help the clinic reopen, mostly in increments of $100 or less.

Martin Leal, the coordinator of Pro-Life Brownsville, told The Monitor, “Anytime a Planned Parenthood opens up I kind of get saddened.”



The Planned Parenthood abortion business talks a good game about providing women with choices and health care. But, Planned Parenthood’s own figures show 92 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood get abortions while a handful get prenatal support or adoption referrals. Although Planned Parenthood likes to talk about getting hundreds of millions in federal funding for family planning, the numbers show abortions are up while contraception services are down.
In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed a record high 333,964 abortions. In 2011, abortions made up 92% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 7% (28,674) and 0.6% (2,300), respectively. For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 145 abortions.
Cancer screening & prevention services and contraceptive services provided by Planned Parenthood continue to drop. Contraceptive services have dropped by 12% since 2009, and cancer screening & prevention services have dropped by 29%.