What are the Best Pro-Life Events for Students for Life Groups?

Opinion   |   Josh Brahm   |   Nov 18, 2013   |   10:29AM   |   Washington, DC

Steve Wagner from Justice For All joins Gabi Vehrs and me to discuss what Students for Life clubs should do with their events.

Steve argues that every event should create a debate about abortion that can be turned into a dialogue.

Here’s the list of typical pro-life campus club activities that Steve assesses in this episode:

  1. Cupcakes For Life.
  2. Poll table event – Debate2Dialogue.org for pics.
  3. Bringing speakers (pro-life apologetics, post-abortion, etc.) or hosting a debate.
  4. Screening movies like “It’s a Girl,” “180,” “October Baby” and “Bella.”
  5. Volunteering for the local Pregnancy Resource Center.
  6. Diaper drives.
  7. Traveling to the March for Life.
  8. Bound4Life events. (Red tape over mouth.)

Watch the video below to learn more about how Justice For All events create dialogue.