Teacher Rapes Student, Forces Her to Have Abortion to Cover Up the Crime

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 18, 2013   |   11:40AM   |   Durban, South Africa

A teacher in South Africa was found to have raped a student after she declined his sexual advances and he later took her for an abortion to cover up his crime after she became pregnant.

IOL News reports that the teacher lured the young woman to a hotel to rape her after he confiscated her cell phone and began sending her chat messages. The young student engaged in chats with the teacher and confided in him about her troubled home life.

Once inside the hotel room, the teacher’s demeanour allegedly changed. She says he locked the door and became increasingly forceful. Telling her he had spent lots of money on her, the teacher demanded that she remove her clothes because it was time that they sleep together, the girl alleged.

She refused, saying she was not sleeping with anyone and would only do so when she finished school. She claims her teacher insisted, saying he would not let her leave until they had sex and began to remove his clothes.

Weeks later the teen feared she was pregnant. She took a pregnancy test, which was paid for by the teacher, and it was positive. She asked the teacher for guidance. She said he angrily told her to keep her mouth shut as he feared he would lose his job. He told her to immediately have sex with her boyfriend, so that he could be blamed.

Later he allegedly twice took the girl to an illegal abortion clinic in central Durban, where she was given pills for which he paid R300 each time. His scheme unravelled when he tried to sneak the girl out of school for a termination and was allegedly caught forging the signature of the girl’s class teacher. The girl then told her story to school officials.

The unnamed teacher has been suspended by school officials and the teacher is denying his actions.



When the principal was confronted with details, an apparent attempt was made to protect the teacher in question.
Months after the girl was forced to have an abortion, it is understood the teacher was suspended three weeks ago on charges of misconduct – having an affair with a pupil.

The teacher, whose identity is known to the Sunday Tribune, denied the allegations of sex with the girl.

“All of the allegations are completely untrue and I am a victim here. I do not gel with other people in my work place and they have now convinced this girl to make up the stories about me,” he said.

He denied that he had been suspended from duty.