Premature Baby Found Alive in Morgue 10 Hours After Doctors Declared Death

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 18, 2013   |   1:43PM   |   Bogota, Colombia

Officials in the capital city of Colombia found a premature baby in a local morgue 10 after doctors declared her dead. Her parents, blown away by the shocking news that their child was still alive, named her Miracles.

UPI news service has more on what happened:

The baby was born last week at a hospital in the Pacific state of Choco and after being declared dead she was sent to the hospital’s morgue, Colombia Reports said Friday.

The baby spent several hours in a box in the morgue before her father came to collect the body. At that time, a morgue attendant noticed signs of life — small movements and soft cries.

Medics rushed the baby to a hospital in Bogota to receive treatment for her underdeveloped lungs, Colombia Reports said.

“In some cases the heart movements are not perceptible even though the newborn is alive, they can declare it dead,” said Dr. Javier Zagarra, a specialist whose relationship to the case wasn’t reported. “When they wrap the baby in a sheet, upon receiving warmth the baby can then revitalize.”



Earlier this year in Brazil, a little girl who doctors declared dead after she was born prematurely came back to life after she was placed on a church altar. Brazilian media indicate Yasmin Gomes was born prematurely at 2.6 pounds this month and stopped breathing soon after and they declared her dead and issued a death certificate.

Jenifer Gomes da Silva, Yasmin’s mother, said, “My world crashed down right then. It was the most desperate moment when all my dreams were snatched away.”
A nurse Ana Claudia Oliveira, asked hospital officials to send the baby’s body to a local church instead of the hospital morgue, and church authorities placed the baby’s body on the church altar. Three hours later, the baby came alive.