Top Democrats Won’t Apologize to Cancer Patients Losing Health Insurance Due to Obamacare

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 15, 2013   |   2:02PM   |   Washington, DC

Despite multiple stories of patients with cancer getting national attention because they lost health insurance plans due to the rules and regulations associated with Obamacare, top Democrats refuse to apologize to them. That includes House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The Weekend Standard reports on a press conference last night during which the Democrats refused to apologize:

At a press conference Thursday evening, House Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Xavier Becerra, and Jim Clyburn were asked if they would like to apologize for making the same false claim. All of them declined.

“I don’t think there’s anything for us to apologize for,” said Clyburn.

“There is nothing in the Affordable Care Act that said that your insurance company should cancel you,” said Minority Leader Pelosi.

In fact, the Affordable Care Act says that plans created after March of 2010 must be cancelled, and the law also gave the administration the authority to write regulations that forced the cancellation of some policies that existed prior to March 2010.

“Did I ever tell my constituents that if they liked their plan they could keep it?” Pelosi asked. “I would have if I’d ever met anybody who liked his or her plan. But that was not my experience.”

In fact, Pelosi said in 2009: “If you like what you have, you can keep it.” Pelosi’s website still states: “Keep your doctor, and your current plan, if you like them.

The number of patients with cancer or other diseases or conditions who are losing their health care thanks to the Obamacare law continues to pile up.



Yesterday, news outlets are focused on Gloria Cantor, a Floridian woman battling cancer, who received a note that her and her husband Jay’s health insurance will be dropped in Summer 2014 due to a loophole in Obamacare. The news for the Cantor family is particularly devastating because Gloria has five brain tumors and tumors in her bones.

Previously, Edie Littlefield Sundby, who has stage 4 gallbladder cancer, wrote of her situation since losing her Cadillac insurance plan because of Obamacare.

And then there’s Michael Cerpok, a leukemia survivor in Fountain Hills, Arizona, whose future is not looking too rosy.