Amazing Video: “Twins Were Born But Haven’t Realized It Yet”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 15, 2013   |   11:54AM   |   Washington, DC

A beautiful and amazing video has been circulating the Internet over the last 24-48 hours. The video shows a parent washing newborn twins in a wash basin. The twin infants have their eyes closed and appear to be peacefully sleeping and enjoying the warm bathwater.

The twin babies finally begin to move and, when they do, they hold each other and snuggle closer.

There is very little background on who these twin babies are — but the video, which appears to have been posted just yesterday, is drawing rave reviews from commenters on social media web sites.

Below are some of the comments from viewers:

  • Quite beatiful, although I don’t believe the part where the haven’t realized they were born yet. Obviously they “realize” it, since they went through that birth canal one by one. Some say this is the most traumatic feeling a human being will ever face by the way. However, I think they are just incredibly at peace here: warm water and very close to each other gives them the soothing feeling they endured for 40 weeks (+- 9 months) and what they are used to.  Nevertheless: breathtaking video: very nice!!
  • Chances are they were born via c-section. In fact, I would say with 99% certainty that these babies were born via c-section.
  • It took me a while to comprehend what was going on but I think I got it: The twins were born, but they haven’t realized that they’re separate yet. They are still so incredibly entwined that they cling to each other like one unit. Am I getting this right? Woosh?
  • I think what the title is trying to say is that the twins were born, but the babies haven’t yet realized they have been born. Thus they are incredibly calm, not squirming, not crying, or looking around… essentially going on as if they are still confined to the womb.



  • Am I the only person tearing up at this? There’s something very powerful about the silence, about their calmness, that should be very encouraging to anyone about to have children, while they’re still pregnant. Who’d have thought we could witness this kind of serenity, this way? And yes, I’m now the proud but exhausted parent of two great boys, 5 and 3. They have never ever been this quiet, except in their sleep.This gave me a new appreciation for twins and how crazy birth is in general. When those elevator doors open everybody gets spit out on whatever floor and you wake up and start experiencing the universe as this conscious self aware thing, taking in the bad and the good and whatever else time throws at you only to go back to sleep at some yet to be determined time down the road. But twins they start out together. Did you see them?! They looked like miners being rescued or refugees clinging on to one another squinting, they have no idea what’s in store. We all start like that, and we all end generally the same way maybe not in the same clothes and a little worse for wear. You’d think those two things we all share in common would be enough to put an end to all the vitriol, loneliness, apathy, and whatever other terrible pains we inflict on each other but I suppose it’s easy to forget. We’re always somewhere between the void, closer to birth or closer to death, and the in between is pretty distracting. We’re strange creatures. Strange beautiful creatures. Strange beautiful terrible creatures.