Obama Admin Helped Abortionist Try to Shut Down Pro-Life Blog

National   |   Jonathan Bloedow   |   Nov 13, 2013   |   11:23AM   |   Washington, DC

It’s time to write about the rest of the story when putative late-term abortionist Julie Komarow, M.D., sought a restraining order on your humble correspondent, one of the writers for this blog. This story includes a run-in with armed U.S. Marshals and a threat of federal charges including fines and jail time.

We have reported on the fact that Dr. Komarow went berserk simply because we tried to interview her for a story. As serious and diligent journalists, we never want to accuse anyone of anything without verifying it first, and that means making every reasonable effort to contact individuals one is writing about to give them a chance to comment, including deny, what you are saying about them. In our view, three separate attempts via separate communication channels (land-line, cell phone, email) meets that standard.

This is what we did with Dr. Komarow. Yet for psycho-spiritual reasons that remain opaque to us, Julie Komarow elected to view our attempts to reach her as life-threatening harassment! That might be explainable, for how many of us really understand the internal workings of a mind that has rationlized decades of cold blooded murder of little babies at one’s own hand — but the drama and mystery was compounded by her circle of enablers that — instead of challenging her delusions — reinforced and encouraged them.

Some of these were colleagues, including pro-life evangelical Christian doctors. Some of them were police officers. And some of them were United States Marshals and the Department of Justice, including the ever-embattled Attorney General, Eric Holder.

When Komarow filed her first restraining order on us, it indicated that she had asked the King County Sheriff’s office to open an investigation into this writer, and put the Bonney Lake police on the lookout for me. Moreover, it indicated she had contacted the U.S. Marshal’s service and asked them to protect her and investigate me. Instead of laughing in her face and telling her that the Department of Justice come to the beck-and-call of mass murders, these law enforcement agencies went into service for this career-long abortionist as if they were the Blackwater of Baby Terrorists. They harassed me and my family in the process because of our attempts to protect innocent children. This was once the proud activity of the police.

The Restraining Order application includes, in Komarow’s own handwriting:

“Mid-August: Federal Marshal Heather Stone Walker starts informal case.”
“9/23: Marshal Stone starts official case.”

At the first court hearing, my attorney Alex Thomason quickly noticed that two of the women accompanying Komarow in the courtroom were conceal-carrying handguns. He immediately surmised that these were US Marshals. (Both were female, with short hair, and generally man-ish features.)

Indeed, later when the Judge asked Komarow to explain herself, after turning on the tears and claiming to be living in terror because a journalist wanted to interview her, one of the Marshals — presumably Walker — got up to speak to the judge on her behalf. This Marshal then declared that the Attorney General had instructed them to take this case “very seriously”. She added that she had not just opened any investigation into me, but a federal F.A.C.E. Act investigation.

For those not familiar with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrancies (F.A.C.E.) Act, this legal affrontery is one of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton’s sad legacies. Ms. Reno became obsessed with destroying the lives of stay-at-home moms and grandmas who were trying to help save women and babies from the billion dollar abortion juggernaut. Not satisfied with the legal options available to her, she crafted and passed this bill which allows the federal government to punish pro-life activists with $10,000 fines and jail time if their actions can be shown to have physically blocked someone’s access to an abortion mill.

So how, you are wondering, does Eric Holder convince some fine upstanding United States Marshals to pretend that two or three phone calls and a couple of emails soliciting an interview in order to avoid slander amounts to blockading an abortion clinic?

Every time you think you have plumbed the depths of the sick and twisted imaginings of the Obama Administration and its conspiracies of evil, you find out it is even sicker than you thought.

You also have to realize that Dr. Komarow didn’t have to go pleading and begging and winding her way through the bureaucracy to make all this happen. The gun-toting authorities from the local cops up to the Department of Justice are apparently standing at the beckon-call of the baby-killing professionals.



It’s worth pointing out that at no time did Heather Stone call me up and ask me any questions. At no time did she attempt to get my side of the story.

What did happen, however, was that we noticed that among the visitors to our blog after this point was “usdoj.gov”. They would come back regularly for quite some time. One must assume that they were monitoring our writings, police-state-style, to see if they could come up with some way to show we had crossed some unknown line so they could give a knock on my door in the middle of the night. Can you say: Chilling Effect?

Welcome to the Democrat Nightmare. Brought to you by Low Information Voters across this land.

LifeNews.com Note: Jonathan Bloedow writes for the blog Abortion in Washington, where this column originally appeared. It is reprinted with permission.