New York City Mayor Wants More Abortion Clinics, Will Use Tax Dollars to Build Them

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 11, 2013   |   4:09PM   |   New York, NY

New York City is the abortion capital of America — with higher abortion rates than almost anywhere else in the nation. But that’s not good enough for newly-elected Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wants more abortion clinics build and is pledging to employ taxpayer funds to do so.

Anna Higgins of the Family Research Council notes that de Blasio, “has promised to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to help them expand their business in the city. He says he plans to help abortionists find neighborhoods that lack convenient clinic access and provide them with ‘city sponsored’ space to set up shop.”

In an article exposing his agenda, she writes:

In conjunction with his commitment to increase the number of abortion facilities in New York, he proposes requiring doctors trained in city hospitals to train to perform abortion, all while closing the doors of PRCs.

“De Blasio calls crisis pregnancy centers ‘sham’ clinics. In his view, their refusal to perform abortions means they do not offer ‘legitimate health care.’ He has pledged to continue the city’s appeal of a court order striking down a law aimed at closing down such centers.”

In the event the court appeal fails, de Blasio says, he stands ready to ‘craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers’.”

Pregnancy care centers, far from being a “sham,” are typically the only place women in crisis pregnancies can go to get accurate information about their pregnancy and available options. According to Family Research Council’s own publication, A Passion to Serve, in 2010, Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) served over 2.3 million people with pregnancy tests, counseling, referrals, ultrasounds, education, and material needs. These services saved communities a conservative estimate of $100million.

Greg Pfundstein Executive Director of the Chiaroscuro Foundation, has compiled New York City’s horrific abortion stats, and notes: “41% of all viable pregnancies in New York City alone end in abortion—twice the national ratio. Nearly 8 in 10 New Yorkers believe there is already sufficient access to abortion in New York State, when they are informed of the number of abortions in New York. New Yorkers know increased access to abortion will not solve the underlying issues that lead to crisis pregnancies in the first place and will not help women.”



The Chiaroscuro Foundation examined the data surrounding New York City’s staggering 41% abortion ratio, breaking the figures down by zip code, and its new analysis shows the zip code with the highest abortion ratio in the city, 67%, is in Manhattan’s Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood.

The Chiaroscuro Foundation also asked for information from the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene about the number of repeat abortions and it found that, in 2009, 48,627 of the 87,273 abortions in New York City, or 56%, were repeat abortions and 33,401, 38%, were paid for by Medicaid.

Sixty-four percent (64%) of New Yorkers believe the abortion rate is too high in New York City – including 57% of pro-choice women – according to a poll conducted by the polling firm McLaughlin & Associates for the Foundation earlier this year.  Seventy four percent believe that the overall 60% abortion rate in the African American community is too high.