Texas Right to Life Endorses Pro-Life Greg Abbott Over Abortion Activist Wendy Davis

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 8, 2013   |   11:28AM   |   Austin, TX

Texas Right to Life’s Political Action Committee today announced it has endorsed Attorney General Greg Abbott as the next Governor of Texas. Abbott, assuming he wins the Republican nomination, would likely face pro-abortion state lawmaker Wendy Davis, known for her filibuster against a bill banning late-term abortions.

“As Attorney General, Greg Abbott has achieved a decade of defending Pro-Life laws and provisions, and his many legal opinions from the Office of the Attorney General have resulted in increased protections on the sanctity of human life,” Texas Right to Life said in a statement LifeNews received. “As a staunch supporter of the Pro-Life cause, Greg Abbott shares all of Texas Right to Life’s goals for protecting Life. He continually demonstrates an uncompromising dedication to advancing the cause at every opportunity, and Texas Right to Life is confident in his ability to do so as Texas’ Governor.”

Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, talked more about Abbott’s pro-life bonafides.

“Attorney General Abbott has shepherded Texas through the culture war well by protecting innocent human life at all stages. Attorney General Abbott has never backed away from a Pro-Life challenge,” she said. “In addition to defending Pro-Life laws passed by the Legislature, he has helped ensure that women have full access to health care services at agencies that are not sullied by affiliation with abortion. Not only does Attorney General Abbott’s record show his concern for pregnant women, but also his record of protecting all women from the predatory abortion industry is clear. He is the type of leader and statesman on whom we can depend.”

Recent polls indicated Davis is trailing Abbot with Texas voters. The last Democrat to be elected Texas Governor was Ann Richards in 1990. Since then, the Democratic nominee has lost every gubernatorial election.

Davis is continuing her campaign to reform her image as an abortion activist as she attempts to moderate her extreme views enough to placate a Texas electorate that is solidly pro-life. Davis has already downplayed her pro-abortion views and is attempting to focus on other political issues, and now she’s attempting to pull a fast one in her campaign for governor by declaring herself “pro-life.”

Davis drew laughter from prolife advocates yesterday by claiming she is pro-life, though applying it only to children after birth.

During a speech recently, Davis called abortion “sacred ground” and indicated she may run for governor. Later, she indicated she thinks pro-life women “don’t understand” abortion and she showed she has no understanding of the Kermit Gosnell case.

In July, pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made it official, saying he will run for governor and seek the GOP nomination to replace pro-life Governor Rick Perry, who is not planning to run again next year. Prior to assuming the office of attorney general, Abbott was a justice on the Texas Supreme Court and was appointed by former Texas governor and President George W. Bush.



At age 26, Abbott was struck by a falling oak tree that injured his back as he jogged by. He has used a wheelchair ever since and has become an eloquent pro-life advocate — speaking up for both the disabled and the unborn.

The accident serves as a reminder that regardless of someone’s circumstances, he or she deserves a chance at life, Abbott has said.

“As I laid there motionless on the ground, gripped with pain, as helpless as a child in the womb, I knew my life had changed forever,” he said at the National Right to Life convention in June.. “Some people think it’s easy to write off the lives of the disabled or the different. But every day, God reminds us that all life has value, no matter the form.”

Abbott, a rising Republican Party star, who is pro-life on abortion, is the leading contender with Perry not running. Abbott already has millions in the bank for a statewide bid.