Planned Parenthood Obstructed Child Rape Investigation, Admitted Breaking the Law

State   |   Jonathan Bloedow   |   Nov 6, 2013   |   11:54AM   |   Bellingham, WA

A couple of months ago there was news coverage of a story from Bellingham, Washington, in which the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill was accused of covering up the rape of an 10 year old Hispanic girl.

What no-one disputes is that PP Bellingham murdered this little girl’s unborn baby.

But new police records obtained by this blog reveal a shocking discovery: when the Whatcom County Sheriff contacted the Bellingham Planned Parenthood in order to collect evidence in the child rape case, the abortion clinic representative told the police that they simply were going to break the law that required them to cooperate with the police.

The actual rape occurred in September 2012, when Luis Gonzalez-Jose, an illegal immigrant farm worker living in Everson, near Lynden, Washington, raped the then-11 year old daughter of the woman he was living with. The girl became pregnant and Mr. Gonzalez-Jose secretly took her to Planned Parenthood — where presumably all child rapists go to “clean up” their crimes — in nearby Bellingham to have the unborn baby killed. Mr. Gonzalez-Jose pretended to be the girl’s father, and told her to claim that her “14-year-old boyfriend” got her pregnant.

In Washington, having sex with a girl under 12 is statutory rape (rape of a child in the first degree) if the male is not married to her and is more than 2 years older. To the surprise of many, Planned Parenthood seems to have complied with this part of the law, and reported the case to Child Protective Services, because the purported age difference here, though fabricated, was still illegal.

But Planned Parenthood still did the abortion, despite knowing that this girl clearly was in no position to provide informed consent and was not accompanied by a documented parent! The fact that coercion was very probably involved apparently didn’t slow them down one bit. (How often does a pregnant teenager come in for a voluntary abortion with just her father, and not her mother?) Planned Parenthood broke no Washington law by doing an abortion on a minor under coercion from her rapist, if you can believe that. And Attorney General Bob Ferguson loves it that way apparently.

While this much of the story has already gained some local publicity (and nationally in pro-life circles), what we can reveal for the first time is what happened when Deputy Alan Smith from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office contacted PP in order to get a copy of their records in order to help prosecute the rapist.

The police record, authored by Deputy Smith, states the following:

“On the afternoon of 09 18 2012, I contacted Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood to obtain a copy of the records documenting ‘s treatment at their care (sic!) facility. I was referred to their records contact … Sherry who told me Planned Parenthood would not follow the mandated reported (sic) law as codified in RCW and refused (to) provide ‘s medical records. I then advised Planned Parenthood that I would seek a court order for their records on .” 

In other words, the woman working in the records department told the police officer that PP was going to knowingly and openly break the law, a law designed not to help prosecute them, but to help prosecute the perpetrator of a terrible sexual assault on a minor! In so doing she obstructed the investigation of a vicious crime.

There are numerous questions that need to be answered here:

  • Was this a one-time event, or is this routine behavior? The record doesn’t show Sherry consulting with her superiors or an attorney, but immediately “implementing” this shocking policy on her own.
  • Who told Sherry to talk to the police this way? (Note that if I was going to tell a police detective to take their law and shove it, I would probably not do it myself but rather tell them to talk to my supervisor or attorney. The fact that rank-and-file Planned Parenthood staff feel empowered to give the police the finger themselves raises all sorts of questions about how far and wide this goes.)
  • Assuming this is PP policy, does it hold true for the entire state? The country? Is there any reason to believe that Planned Parenthood Bellingham is the only affiliate doing this? That they came up with this on their own?
  • If they flout this law that they don’t like, how many other laws do they ignore because they don’t like them? Do they just pick and choose which laws they follow and which they do not? Are they completely above the law?
  • Most people who openly break laws suffer consequences; why don’t they? Who is protecting them? This woman seemed to act as if she had no fear of reprisal. And apparently she was right. Is there some arrangement or understanding between Planned Parenthood and “law enforcement”? We have made numerous repeated attempts to get Deputy Alan Smith to answer our questions about why Planned Parenthood suffered no consequences for breaking the law and obstructing justice but he has declined all offers to comment.

There are even more unanswered questions in this story. Planned Parenthood apparently reported the statutory rape to CPS voluntarily when they might have gotten away with it. But then, after doing the coerced abortion, they decided to violate the mandatory cooperation law right to the face of the police as noted above.



And in a further twist, the abortionist, a Dr. Katherine Dickinson, apparently took the initiative and called the police to tell them she still had the aborted baby she killed sitting in her freezer at work. And rather than the police coming to arrest this woman who just admitted to the police that she murdered a baby in cold blood, the police came by and collected the literally cold blood for a DNA sample, and thanked the murderer for her cooperation!

On top of all this, we can’t find evidence of a single pro-life politician in the state who wants to condemn the actions of PP or the police in this matter or call for changes.

Welcome to Washington State.  We will update you as we get more details. Note: Jonathan Bloedow writes for the blog Abortion in Washington, where this column originally appeared. It is reprinted with permission.