Another Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania? State Probing Notorious Abortionist

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 6, 2013   |   2:28PM   |   Harrisburg, PA

The state of Pennsylvania looked the other way for decades as Kermit Gosnell killed babies in brutal abortion procedures that looked more like infanticides and ran a disgustingly dilapidated abortion clinic.

Now, state officials are looking into another notorious abortionist, Steven Brigham, who has been such a horrible abortion doctor and abortion business owner in other states that he’s repeatedly lost his medical license, been fined, and been kicked out of states for his shoddy operations. he was kicked out once before but Brigham may be trying to slip back in through a new abortion facility in Philadelphia called the Integrity Family Health.

The facility applied for and was granted a state permit earlier this fall. According to reports, the toll free number for Brigham’s multi-state abortion business will set up appointments for patients at the new Pennsylvania center.

From a story on what’s going on in the Keystone State this time:

Has abortion provider Steven Brigham opened a new clinic in Pennsylvania, even though the state has barred him from doing so, and even though abortion clinics are being scrutinized under a recently enacted state law?

His critics think so.

The new clinic, Integrity Family Health, is on Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. The state Department of Health did an initial inspection and issued a permit, called a registration, eight weeks ago, then added the facility to its online list of abortion clinics in the Keystone State.

State Health Department spokeswoman Aimee Tysarczyck e-mailed that regulators were investigating “the matter.”

In April 2012 letters to Brigham, state Health Department Deputy Secretary Anna Marie Sossong wrote, “The Department of Health has long witnessed a chronic inability to comply . . . even with the most basic requirements of the law established to assure the health and safety of patients.”

She ordered Brigham to let the public know the clinics were gone, including changing his website. American Women’s Services’ website says those clinics are “temporarily closed.” Brigham is fighting to reopen them.

Micaiah Bilger of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation tells LifeNews that “Steven Brigham has a dubious reputation for harming women and skirting the law.”

“His license to practice medicine has been yanked in Pennsylvania and numerous other states. He is barred from doing abortions in Pennsylvania,” she said.



“Brigham once ran an abortion ring with 15 facilities in four states, including four in Pennsylvania. His Pennsylvania facilities, in Erie, Allentown, State College, and Pittsburgh, have since closed.”

“The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is grateful that the Corbett Administration is looking into this matter in the interest of protecting women’s health and safety,” she continued. “Brigham has a long and sordid history of performing illegal, late-term abortions on viable babies, botching abortions and injuring women, using unsterile equipment, and working in filthy conditions. “