Abortion Business Board Member: Rape Victims Bear Some “Responsibility”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 5, 2013   |   11:56AM   |   London, England

The pro-life movement has often been the subject of condemnation for its stance opposing the abortion of unborn children in cases of rape and pro-life politicians like Tod Akin has been lambasted for making comments that critics say showed a lack of concern for rape victims.

Enter Barbara Hewson, a pro-abortion attorney who is a trustee for BPAS, a large British abortion business. Hewson believes rape victims bear some “moral responsibility” for what happened to them.

As the London Telegraph reports:

Some rape victims have a “moral responsibility” for their fate, a leading barrister has suggested.

Barbara Hewson, a human rights and civil liberties lawyer, made the comments as she attacked the “ideology of sexual victimization” which she said has come to dominate discussion of rape.

She also expressed doubts over the “long term damaging effects” of rape and criticized the view that the offence was “morally absolutely unambiguous” with the victim “utterly innocent” and the “victimizer … utterly guilty”.

Miss Hewson made her outspoken comments in a debate on the subject at the LSE earlier this week, saying: “We need to make a distinction between legal responsibility and moral responsibility.

“The law does not attribute any responsibility now to the victim of rape whereas traditionally we know the judge would say when they came to sentence ‘well she was contributorally (sic) negligent’ or something like that.”



Hewson’s comments are not going over well with advocates of victims of sexual assault.

Her intervention has been strongly condemned by rape charities. Fiona Elvines, from Rape Crisis, said: “Barbara Hewson shows how out of touch she is with the realities of sexual violence. As a society, we have moved on from the rape myths she continues to propagate.”

So why does Hewson take such a backwards view of rape victims? Perhaps because she supports legalizing statutory rape. As the newspaper reports, the abortion activist wants to make sex with 13-year-old girls consensual instead of illegal.

When Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape to profit from abortions, Hewson’s crazy comments and stance are less surprising.


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