Activist Infiltrates Pro-Life Movement, Has to Invent Things to Claim Pro-Lifers Extremist

National   |   Nancy Flanders   |   Nov 3, 2013   |   7:16PM   |   Washington, DC

After years of anti-abortion activists going undercover into the abortion business, it seems that pro-choicers wanted their turn at playing detective. Madeline Burrows, an actor and pro-abortion activist, spent a year of her life going undercover as a pro-life activist at a variety of right to life rallies and fundraisers, crisis pregnancy centers, and even the Students for Life of America Conference.

mom baby godWhen her year as a pro-lifer was up, Burrows set to work to create her play MOM BABY GOD. Her intentions were to spark what she calls “much needed conversations” about the so-called attack on so-called reproductive rights. As the star of the show, she portrays an anti-abortion activist, a priest, a teenage video blogger, and an abstinence only sex educator.  While in these roles, Burrows takes aim at what she believes are inaccurate fetal models at crisis pregnancy centers, and makes fun of the Christian pro-lifers who spoke with her about how difficult it can be to remain a virgin until marriage.   And in the trailer of MOM BABY GOD, it is apparent that the show gets quite a few laughs.

There aren’t any hidden dark, dirty secrets about the right to life movement for Burrows to expose. And while she may feel that the people she met on her pro-life tour are being misguided or tricked into fighting for the rights of the unborn, or refraining from sex until marriage, she’s completely wrong.

What she likely discovered was that the majority of pro-lifers are good and generous souls working to protect unborn children from a gruesome death, and to protect women from a life-time of pain and regret after aborting their child.

What Burrows likely witnessed in crisis pregnancy centers were people providing free ultrasounds, baby bottles, baby clothing, and other items to expectant mothers.

None of this would make good material for a play or shocking fuel to rally the pro-abortion troops. So Burrows sifted through her interviews and experiences and then she made the rest up. Did you catch that? She made it up. In her promotional video for MOM BABY GOD, Burrows says:

[MOM BABY GOD] invites the audience into the right wing by FICTIONALIZING the Students for Life of American Conference. (emphasis is mine)

Yes. It’s fictional. It may be based on actual events and interviews, but taking actual events and interviews and fictionalizing them means they are no longer the truth. The actions and words of the pro-lifers Burrows meet clearly weren’t enough to ignite a resurgence in pro-abortion activism among the youth of America. So Burrows had to exaggerate or just plain lie in order to gain support. And that’s what’s happening. Press like says:

Burrows didn’t exaggerate what she saw in the pro-life movement.

She did. And:

Repeated touching facts give life to unborn fetuses.

Well they are alive.

And says something else:

We need to let girls know that sex is one of life’s pleasures, not something to be afraid of–and that having confidence and taking control of your own body means both making thoughtful decisions about your sex life and using birth control in whatever form you choose.

Who said sex is something to be afraid of? And since when does taking control of your own body mean handing it over to others? Why doesn’t it mean waiting until marriage so that you don’t face unexpected pregnancies or get an STD? And abortion as birth control? I thought pro-choicers wanted it to be rare?



As a result of the fictionalized stories played out on a stage and promoted by the press as a true story, MOM BABY GOD may just spark those conversations Burrows wants or clue people in to how many babies the pro-life movement has saved since 2011 when an astounding 92 restrictions were placed on abortion laws. Those restrictions were created because the pro-life movement is spreading the truth, educating America and focusing on saving the lives of both women and children. That is what scares Burrows, and she’s hoping it will scare her fellow pro-aborts into battling alongside her. Maybe it will. But in the end, it’s always the truth the wins.

LifeNews Note: Nancy is a work at home mom who writes about parenting, special needs children, and the right to life. She is the lucky mother of two spirited little girls, one who has cystic fibrosis, and she spends any free moment she can find fundraising for a cure for CF. You can read her personal blog at Reprinted from Live Action News.