Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli Catches Pro-Abortion Terry McAuliffe in Latest Poll

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 1, 2013   |   4:39PM   |   Richmond, VA

With just days to go before Virginia voters head to the polls, pro-life, gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has caught up to pro-abortion candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Earlier pols put McAuliffe closer to 50 percent and Cuccinelli behind him by double digits. However, he trailed by just a handful earlier in the week and a new survey has him behind just two points — within the margin of error.

Is Ken Cuccinelli closing in on Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race? The latest poll from Emerson College shows McAuliffe, the Democrat, with 42 percent support and Cuccinelli, the Republican, with 40 percent. Libertarian Robert Sarvis has 13 percent in the poll of 874 likely voters.

The two-point lead for McAuliffe is the smallest he’s had in any poll since September. Emerson’s previous poll, from September, showed McAuliffe with a five-point lead. The Real Clear Politics average of polls still shows McAuliffe ahead by more than six points.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

Third party candidates rarely do as well as they poll and the expectation by many conservatives is that a couple of percentage points in support for Sarvis, who is pro-abortion as well, will drop off and those voters will either not vote or will likely go to Cuccinnelli by a decent margin. If that happens and if the shift continues, Virginia is in store for another pro-life governor.

Emily Buchanan of Women Speak Out – Virginia, a political action committee that supports pro-life candidate Ken Cuccinelli, says there is a huge contrast between the two candidates on abortion.

“Our pro-life candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, has made decisive strides in the this important race – it’s a statistical tie in the polls. His campaign is gaining momentum,” she said over the weekend. “Ken is a faithful, devout Christian and an authentic pro-life champion who fought to defund Planned Parenthood of our taxpayer dollars. He was even the first Attorney General to take on Obamacare because it forces you and I to fund abortions.”

“Pro-life governors were imperative to our past pro-life victories this summer. In Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina, we had a pro-life friend in the governor’s mansion. They kept our momentum going, and now we’re facing the abortion industry and their puppet candidate whose goal is massive expansion of the abortion agenda,” Buchanan added.



She continued: “In Virginia, Ken’s opponent Terry McAuliffe has vowed to keep Big Abortion in business by helping substandard abortion clinics to skirt common sense regulations. They’ve enlisted the help of their friend Hillary Clinton to help fund Terry so they can change the abortion facility regulations from inside the governor’s mansion.”

McAuliffe was caught dodging a reporter’s question after inventing a false power he claimed he would have as governor to keep unlawful abortion clinics open.

McAuliffe is quick to attack his pro-life Republican opponent on the issue of abortion, but, as Weekly Standard John McCormack reports, he won’t answer questions about his own stance on abortion and whether he supports taxpayer-funded abortions up to the day of birth.

At a campaign event, McAuliffe pledged his unwavering — and disturbing — support for abortion providers and facilities in the state of Virginia if given the governor’s seat.