MSNBC Pushes Abortion Activist Wendy Davis for Texas Governor

State   |   Jeffrey Meyer   |   Nov 1, 2013   |   1:43PM   |   Washington, DC

Ever since Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) engaged in an 13-hour filibuster to protest new abortion safety measures, the folks at MSNBC have taken it upon themselves to act as her unofficial campaign for governor.

Apart from the numerous on-air segments pushing Ms. Davis’ candidacy, the new website has followed suit in a new puff piece entitled “How Wendy Davis can win.”

Author Zachary Roth penned a 23-paragraph article which serves more as a memo for Democratic strategists than an actual informative piece of journalism. Peppered with quotes from Democratic strategists, the MSNBC national reporter argues that Davis has a chance to instead put together a cross-racial coalition that brings together minorities and liberal or moderate whites—especially women.”

Despite Roth admitting in the very first paragraph that demographic shifts in Texas will be “too late to help Wendy Davis’ bid for governor next year”  and that the explosion in Texas’ Hispanic population “won’t become game-changers for another decade or so-too late to help Wendy Davis’ bid for governor next year” that doesn’t stop the MSNBCer from giving his liberal readers some wishful thinking about how a Wendy Davis victory would happen.

After arguing that Ms. Davis must follow the steps of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, Roth then turned to MSNBC’s favorite subject, abortion, to discuss why he wants Wendy Davis to be governor.



Rothed quoted Democratic strategist Jason Stanford, to push the idea that “It’s not about abortion. It’s about men bullying them and closing clinics where they get healthcare.” Roth then doubled down on his pro-Davis sentiments, quoting yet another liberal, this time Democratic strategist Matt Angle to comment that, It’s not just a matter of Wendy Davis appealing to women voters, it’s Greg Abbott and other Republicans really alienating women voters. So in terms of getting an increased Anglo vote, you get a lot of otherwise independent women willing to vote for a mainstream Democrat.”

A “mainstream Democrat” at MSNBC is someone that stands up for 18-hours arguing for the right to kill a baby late in pregnancy and to oppose sensible regulations on abortion clinics? No wonder Zachary Roth thinks Wendy Davis should be the next governor of Texas.

LifeNews Note: Jeffrey Meyer writes for Newsbusters.