“I Felt Like I Died:” Women Share Their Nightmare Stories of Abortion Regret

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 31, 2013   |   10:07AM   |   Washington, DC

VirtueMedia is responding to a shocking story of a new pro-abortion campaign designed to put a happy face on abortion. The campaign involves pro-abortion “storytelling” events taking place around the country, where post-abortive women and others are gathering to cheerlead the decision to end the life of unborn children.

The campaigns ignore how most women face medical problems, regret and depression following their abortions.

To combat the lies being spread about abortion as a good choice for women, VirtueMedia™ has announced the release of a new TV ad series called Been There. In these six new powerful pro-life ads, post-abortive mothers tell the horror stories of their abortions and how they continue to regret their decision to end the life of their babies.

“I felt like I died,” one of the women says in the campaign about her abortion as a teenager. “I really felt like a part of me died that day.”

“I had experienced a rape at a very young age, and I compared it very much to rape – very traumatic,” she said, adding that the sadness and regret “compounds because of other choices you make as a result of the pain and the suffering that you’re going through.”

In another commercial, Vanessa (right) tells about her abortion.

“I felt very pressured to have an abortion by everyone around me,” she said. “After the abortion, I felt no sense of relief. You can forgive yourself, but you can never forget.”

These brave post-abortive women featured in the new pro-life messages from VirtueMedia will appear on popular television networks, sharing the truth that abortion truly hurts women.  The ads were produced by VirtueMedia thanks to a generous grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Foundation.



VirtueMedia Founder and President Tom Peterson noted, “It has always been a priority for VirtueMedia™ to shed light in the darkness, by effectively responding to anti-life issues in our culture.”

Peterson listed the many innovative, culture-fighting VirtueMedia™ ads that have broken ground in the pro-life movement on TV and radio in the past few years, including the famous Norma ad, in which Jane Roe, of the well-known Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, describes her regret from participating in that trial and how she was used as a pawn to further the pro-abortion movement.

Other incredible, inspired pro-life messages and campaigns have included Dr. Alveda King for Silent No More, the Black Dignity campaign (which appeared nationally on BET), and the PregnancyLine ad series on MTV. These ads have reached millions, helping save lives, educate minds, and change hearts.