False: Pro-Lifers Care About Babies Before They’re Born, Not After

Opinion   |   Katie McCann   |   Oct 24, 2013   |   11:35PM   |   Columbus, OH

Have you ever heard someone say, “Pro-lifers only care about babies before they’re born–not after.”?

Ohio Right to Life wanted to combat this talking point by calling pro-life pregnancy help centers to get some solid data on how much the pro-life movement is helping babies both inside and outside of the womb.

What we found was inspiring.

In one year alone, Ohio PHCs gave out nearly 900,000 diapers to moms in need. And here’s the real kicker: those numbers are from only 50 PHCs-in other words, a mere quarter of Ohio centers. If we had numbers from all of Ohio’

s PHCs, the number of diapers given out in one year in one state would be probably be more than a million.

This is in addition to the baby formula, baby clothes, maternity clothes, children’s books, cribs, car seats and parenting classes that they provide to mothers.

Our pro-life legislature and governnor enacted Ohio Right to Life’s Parenting and Pregnancy Support Act this summer, creating a new funding stream for these generous, life-giving centers. We are eager to see what added assistance these centers will provide next year with their new resources.

As moms struggle to buy diapers, Ohio Right to Life could not be more thankful to pro-life Ohioans who are assisting them in choosing life before birth and sustaining life after birth.

To express our appreciation and to spread awareness about pro-life Ohio’s work, we have developed the following video. Share this video with your friends and family. Pro-life Ohio is making an impact and we need to encourage each other to keep up the life-giving work.

LifeNews Note: Katie McCann writes for Ohio Right to Life. This originally appeared at the Ohio Right to Life blog.