Charges Dropped Against Mom Who Assaulted Pregnant Daughter for Refusing Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 24, 2013   |   1:13PM   |   Allentown, PA

A Pennsylvania woman who reportedly assaulted her pregnant teenage daughter and kicked her out of the house for refusing to get an abortion has seen the charges dropped. The mother in the case went as far as telling her daughter she wanted her and her baby dead and threatened to kill both.

The baby is due in December and the young woman and her baby are reportedly fine following the incident. After family counseling, the young woman has returned home.

This is yet another story showing how abortion doesn’t empower women. Studies show a high percentage of women who ultimately decide to have an abortion do so at the behest of a partner or parents, not because they really want an abortion.

From the story:

Magdalena Mateia-Bitlan, 37, had been charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment in the June 11 incident but the charges were dropped during a preliminary hearing Tuesday before District Judge Michael Faulkner.

Attorney Angelo T. Almonti said his client is from a traditional family and was shocked when she heard the news that her teenage daughter was pregnant and overreacted. He said before the incident, they had a great mother-daughter relationship and repaired that bond with counseling.

“The family is back intact, and the parents are more understanding and accepting,” Almonti said. “Everything is great, the system worked. Prosecuting would have been overkill.”

According to a criminal complaint:



The daughter went upstairs and started packing and her mother followed her into her room, shoving and then punching her in the stomach. The daughter got on her bed and her mother continued punching and scratching her in the back.

During the attack, Mateia-Bitlan told her daughter she wanted her dead and was going to kill her and her baby.

The daughter got away, grabbed her belongings and started leaving. Her mother followed, throwing things at her.