Komen Still Sends Big Bucks to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 22, 2013   |   11:32AM   |   Washington, DC

Komen for the Cure was the subject of national controversy when it decided to stop providing grants to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and, following pressure from abortion advocates and the media, reversed course days later.

The headlines were an alert to pro-life advocates to not trust the breast cancer charity and its donations and number of Race for the Cure event participants have suffered as a result. Since then, Komen has restablished itself as a reliable funder of the nation’s biggest abortion company — to the tune of $700,000, according to one pro-life leader.

Keith Mason of Personhood USA, in an email to LifeNews, encourages pro-life advocates to continue boycotting Komen for the Cure because of the ties to the abortion giant.

“Like many of you, I’ve had family members and dear friends who have battled against breast cancer. As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we all want to help the people who are close to us beat their illness however we can,” he said. “I want to warn you, however, about some breast cancer organizations that are using our donations to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion business instead of helping friends and loved ones find a cure.”

“The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which hosts the Race for the Cure, is the largest breast cancer foundation in America. Last year, their large grants to Planned Parenthood came to the public’s attention. After briefly halting the funds, Komen gave in to Planned Parenthood’s bullying tactics and gave them $700,000,” Mason continued. “Of course, Planned Parenthood doesn’t even do mammogram testing. They don’t offer breast biopsies or breast ultrasounds either. Of the manual breast exams that Planned Parenthood actually does perform, only about 4% are funded by Komen.”

“Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood kills 330,000 unborn children every year and the fact that Planned Parenthood already receives $542 million in government funds, the Komen Foundation ended up giving stacks of cash to Planned Parenthood,” he said. “They did this despite the growing evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer. A recent study found that abortion is the #1 preventable cause of breast cancer. Among 7 risk factors, the researchers called abortion the “best predictor of breast cancer.”

Mason says that when pro-life advocates recently asked Komen, “Why aren’t women being told about the most preventable risk factor?” Komen’s Dana Brandorff answered, “We tend to focus on the cure . . . we’re focusing our energies on that, rather than the preventative.”



He concludes: “Don’t let the Komen Foundation use your money to fund Planned Parenthood. Please consider an alternative organization to promote breast cancer research, like the Avon Walk, which does not give money to Planned Parenthood.”

Wisconsin Family Council president Julaine Appling agrees and says that link between the two organizations causes problems.

She said: “The link between the Komen group and Planned Parenthood is more serious than many understand. Research shows a very strong link between abortion and breast cancer, meaning that the risk of a woman getting breast cancer is considerably higher if she has had an abortion. If we’re really going to talk about breast cancer awareness, let’s get all the facts out there. Women’s lives are at stake.”