Not One Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Ohio Offers Prenatal Care

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 21, 2013   |   4:14PM   |   Columbus, OH

Planned Parenthood has been caught misleading Ohio residents. The abortion business has been caught saying it offers prenatal care when none of its abortion clinics — or any of its clinics for that matter, offer women prenatal care.

As Rita Diller of STOPP Planned Parenthood notes:

A news story from ABC Channel 22 in Ohio reports that opponents of Planned Parenthood defunding via the governor’s budget cuts say defunding Planned Parenthood “deprives women of basic health care, especially low-income women who depend on Planned Parenthood for prenatal care.”

But when STOPP researched each of the 29 Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio on October 13, 2013, we found that not a single Ohio Planned Parenthood facility provides prenatal care. The only mention of prenatal services on the 29 Planned Parenthood websites says, “If you choose to continue a pregnancy, we will provide you with a list of resources to help you obtain prenatal care.”



That makes it even more incredible to consider the statement by Representative Fred Strahorn, who says on the news report video, “There are a lot of low income women who just aren’t getting the services and this is going to make that issue worse. I cannot foresee infant mortality in Ohio not getting worse based on this decision.”

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood snuffs out the life of a preborn baby every 95 seconds. And Representative Strahorn thinks more babies will die because Planned Parenthood is defunded. Go figure.