Pictures Show Extent of Pro-Abortion Mob’s Violent Assaults on Pro-Life Australians

International   |   Catholic Women's League   |   Oct 16, 2013   |   1:51PM   |   Washington, DC

One of our League members attended the annual March for the Babies on Saturday in Melbourne. Her photos show the real story of what happened on that day!20131014 marchforbabies 350

She had thought this would be a “peaceful gathering” with families (including babies and young children), men and women of all ages, from across Victoria walking to promote a culture of life and love, and to respectfully voice their opposition to the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 (Vic) which legalises abortion up to birth, and also imposes constraints upon the fundamental human right of freedom of conscience of our health professionals.

Instead, she witnessed first-hand the violent and aggressive verbal and physical abuse from pro-abortion protestors who indiscriminately attacked pro-life marchers including elderly people. They physically blocked marchers from walking forward and kicked, rode their bicycles into the crowd, and punched and prodded anyone who tried to move around them. “The protestors ripped signs and posters from pro-life marchers, screamed abuse into the faces of calm onlookers, and blew whistles in the ears of people silently kneeling in prayer. They popped pink and blue balloons being held by children.”

20131014 marchforbabies02 350“And the saddest thing is … this all happened while the Victoria Police stood by. Pro-abortion protestors threw water bombs, eggs, ink and paint bombs at pro-life marchers who were sitting patiently, or quietly praying as they waited for the police to move the unlawful protestors on. I just couldn’t understand why the police weren’t doing anything, and why the marchers were being blocked and silenced.”

“Protestors spat on marchers and screamed out every offensive combination of words and hand gestures you can imagine. Their signs were offensive. The vitriol was palpable, and no-one was immune from the rage that was being unleashed. It was incredible, in the truest sense.”

Our members, along with other pro-life marchers, were left bewildered as to how this could have happened in Melbourne where we supposedly value the freedom of speech and movement.  Perhaps this type of vicious attack against freedom of speech is the natural result of the Victorian Parliament’s decision to legislate against freedom of conscience in 2008. “Laws have a cultural effect.  In passing a law which made the freedom of conscience subject to a ‘right’ to abortion, the Victorian Parliament signalled to the public that this ‘right’ could (and would) be used to curtail others.” (Catholic Talk) Pro-abortion protestors clearly believe that their ‘rights’ are now paramount which is why their attacks were so vicious on Saturday. Pro-life views are now met with extreme intolerance. Those wishing to peacefully advocate for a culture of life are not only actively prevented from doing so, but are also being vilified for their beliefs.  And ominously, the Victorian police stood by and let it happen.  Let us hope and pray that our politicians do not also silently stand by.

“Saturday was a very sad day for Victorians and democracy, whatever side of the abortion debate you sit on.”