Democrat Says Republican Whose Wife Had Two Miscarriages Wants to “Criminalize” Them

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 14, 2013   |   6:37PM   |   Washington, DC

Just how far as the absurd War on Women gone? A Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in Virginia has a new mailer attacking his pro-life Republican opponent.

James Harder, running against incumbent Joseph Yost in the 12th district, sent a mailer that puts the War on Women nonsense into context. While castigating his opponent Yost for supposedly wanting to criminalize miscarriages, Harder neglected to do his due diligence and find out that the Yost family suffered the loss of not one but two children in miscarriages.

The blog Bearing Drift has more on Harder’s embarrassing attack:

It’s standard stuff for 2013. Smack the Republican for attacking women, and, if possible, do so in a manner that makes said Republican look like a character out of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Saying that Yost wants to criminalize miscarriages? That’s right on the Democratic message.

But by dutifully regurgitating that message, Harder’s “values” ran right into something much more formidable: Lisa Yost, who issued the following statement…

“Recently, James Harder launched a disgusting and shameful political attack on my husband that accuses him of wanting to criminalize miscarriages. Not only are Mr. Harder’s attacks an outright lie, but they represent a despicably personal attack.

“Miscarriage is a tragedy. Any mother and father who has lost their child to miscarriage knows the pain, suffering and heartbreak can never be erased. In the past year, Joseph and I have twice experienced the joy and excitement of pregnancy, only to be followed by the devastation and agony of losing our child.

“In my entire life, I have never experienced more heartache and pain. To then see someone suggest that my husband would want to criminalize this experience not only hurts me, it also infuriates me.



“James Harder’s attacks are disgraceful. To exploit this vulnerable experience as a political attack demonstrates a complete lack of compassion and decency.

“When Joseph and I decided he would seek elected office, we knew there would be attacks. We knew their would be lies. We prepared as best we could. But never did we imagine that our most painful, personal trials would become the subject of political fodder for campaign strategists.

“Not only should Mr. Harder apologize for his attacks, he should drop out of the race. His actions are beneath the dignity of the office he seeks.”