7 Spectacular Pieces Of Pro-Life Art, Sculpture Around the World

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 14, 2013   |   12:29PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement continues to make use of listicles at social media website Buzzfeed. In its latest piece, Personhood USA posts seven amazing and spectacular pieces of pro-life art depicting the development of unborn babies.

“These eye-popping masterpieces come from around the world! Check out the fantastic art that shows human life in the womb is precious,” the organization says. The remainder of the piece appears below:

1. “The Miraculous Journey” in Qatar

"The Miraculous Journey" in Qatar

personhoodeducation.org / Via Personhood Education

Imagine the surprise of Doha residents when the mysterious balloons covering Damien Hirst’s artwork were removed this week, revealing 14 massive sculptures of the developing child in the womb!

The project, titled “The Miraculous Journey,” depicts the development of human life from conception to birth. The series culminates in a 46-foot, anatomically correct baby boy. Together, the sculptures weigh 216 tons and are visible from both the highway and the desert. The project reportedly cost $20 million.

Mr. Hirst’s interest in the prenatal journey began when he had children of his own. “Everyone talks about our life’s journey, but we have a whole journey before you’re born,” he told the New York Times.

See more incredible pictures of the sculptures HERE.

2. The Mountainside in Colombia

The Mountainside in Colombia

Carved into the rocky hillside next to a road between Santo Domingo Savio and Medellín in Colombia is an amazing depiction of the humanity of the unborn child. Colombia’s people wish to be known for their protection of unborn children. And as Luke the Evangelist put it: “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out!”

3. “Memorial for Unborn Children” in Slovakia

Martin Hudáček’s heart-rending sculpture draws attention to the devastation that abortion can bring to the mother. It also reminds the viewer that through the love and mercy of God, reconciliation and healing are possible.

The artist said that his artwork “expresses hope which is given to believers by the One who died on the cross for us, and showed how much He cares about all of us.”

4. “Ganei Chaim” in Israel

"Ganei Chaim" in Israel

This monument depicts the unborn child in the hand of God. “Ganei Chaim” is a life garden that serves as a memorial to children who have been miscarried or aborted. It offers a place of reflection and memory for women and families that have lost a baby and a place of healing and forgiveness for those who regret their abortions.

5. Leonardo da Vinci’s Sketches

Leonardo da Vinci's Sketches

Just over 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci sketched the child in utero with astonishing accuracy. Even without advanced medical technology, da Vinci recognized the humanity of the unborn child.



6. Willughby’s Engraving

Willughby's Engraving

This is a 17th century engraving of a baby in the womb, from a book written by physician Percival Willughby.

7. “Before I Formed You”

“Before I Formed You”

Ron DiCianni’s painting is close to his heart, since his mother changed her mind about abortion and gave him life than 60 years ago. His goal is to put this painting in front of every abortion provider and every woman who is considering abortion!

It turns out, the painting has already saved lives. A pregnant 16-year-old girl from a troubled background decided to keep her baby after seeing DiCianni’s painting at a youth conference.