Ben Carson Was Silenced Over Obamacare, Who Will the IRS Silence Next?

Opinion   |   Mat Staver   |   Oct 7, 2013   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Just weeks after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee made scathing remarks about IRS targeting conservative groups in their report, a high-profile instance of potential, individual targeting has come to light.

Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned neurosurgeon and outspoken opponent of ObamaCare, was recently audited by the IRS following his February speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Standing at the podium looking down at President Obama, who was attendance at the breakfast, Dr. Carson proceeded to directly confront many failures of our increasingly irresponsible government.

The doctor addressed numerous flaws within ObamaCare and even went so far as to suggest his own substitute plan for health insurance.  Dr. Carson’s speech was hailed by conservatives and go wide coverage across the country.

Despite overwhelming popular support for Dr. Carson’s speech, or perhaps because of it, it appears the administration was less than pleased by this public confrontation of the President.
Like many other conservatives who have voiced their anti-Obama opinions in recent years, the IRS contacted Dr. Carson shortly after he aired his political views.
Ben Carson had never previously been audited by the IRS, nor had their been any significant changes in his taxes or accounting.
After probing his recent returns, only to find as Dr. Carson puts it, “every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed,” the IRS then required a comprehensive investigation into a prior year of the doctor’s taxes, only to again find no errors or omissions.
Due to their lack of negative findings, the IRS could not take any action against Dr. Carson.  However, this was likely not the intent of their investigation. I believe that the IRS is initiating such audits to intimidate individuals and thus squashing their rights to address the important issues of our day.

The right to free speech is a foundation to our American democratic system of government. Socialist nations and self-serving dictators have long been known for silencing their political opposition, and the United States has repeatedly fought to deliver the citizens of these tyrannical governments from their extreme oppression.

But now our government is turning against our own people, removing the same rights we have fought to protect in other nations, right here at home!

This is a direct threat to the inalienable right to free speech of American citizens, and it must STOP.

++We must end this illegal IRS targeting!

Every American needs to understand the abuse of power that is taking place within the IRS.

Liberty Counsel has launched a national petition to demand the appointment of a Special Counsel to oversee and lead a thorough investigation of these illegal and outrageous actions on the part of the Internal Revenue Service!

We already know that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative political groups through intimidating application processes and excessive, unjust questioning in order to delay or deny applications for tax-exempt status. It is now apparent that they also launched unwarranted audits of businesses and individuals falling into those same categories!
I do not believe that we yet know the full extent of the agency’s illegal actions. Every assault against the rights of citizens must be brought to light! The danger of this kind of political manipulation cannot be overstated.

Free speech is absolutely essential to our constitutional republic, and any attempt to destroy that freedom should be seen as an act of terrorism against our way of life.



It appears that IRS agents are acting in direct opposition to this fundamental right, and are acting as enforcers of an anti-free speech agenda driven by the administration’s political agenda.

Protect the right of every American citizen, including your own, to free speech by signing this petition to end the political silencing of American citizens:

As soon as we reach the 100,000 petition threshold, Liberty Counsel will hand-deliver these petitions to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, demanding truth, accountability, and protection for your freedom of speech.
LifeNews Note: Matthew Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a pro-life legal group.