Wisconsin Democrats Trash Bill Allowing Drivers to Buy “Choose Life” License Plates

State   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Oct 3, 2013   |   1:30PM   |   Madison, WI

Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin are questioning Republican Rep. Andre Jaque (R- De Pere) over the legitimacy of AB 206, a bill sponsored by Jaque which would allow a “Choose Life” license plate in the state. Choose Life plates typically serve as a source of revenue for pregnancy resource centers, which are allocated a donation for each specialty plate that a pro-life resident chooses to opt for.

Democrats are concerned because other organizations have been denied similar privileges due to the fact that the funds could be used for political purposes like lobbying and candidate advocacy.

Not surprisingly, some Democrats are concerned that the creation of a Choose Life plate in their state will draw residents into conversation about so-called “reproductive rights.” One local newspaper, describing the sentiment of one opponent to the bill, Democratic Representative Chris Danou, said:

Danou questioned the political affiliations of Choose Life Wisconsin’s leaders and the idea of broaching the divisive topic of reproductive rights with state license plates.

Silence on issues like abortion is a long-standing boon to abortion rights advocates such as the Democratic party, so their desire to shut the conversation down is par for the course in the numerous battles over license plate legislation that have occurred throughout the country.

The charge of reproductive rights being “divisive” is another common talking point resorted to when liberal lawmakers seek to paint legislation that ultimately –and simply—helps women in tough pregnancy situations in a bad light. The newspaper continued, quoting Danou:

No matter what side of the issue you stand on, you can’t argue that it’s not a political issue. We’ve seen enough division in this state.

The same newspaper partook in the conspiracy theory, fabricated by NARAL Pro-Choice America’s bogus “investigations” (which the newspaper has sensationally covered), that pregnancy resource centers lie to women and mitigate their rights as women. I recently documented for LifeNews what pregnancy resource centers actually do:

The resources provided by PRCs are vast. They include pregnancy tests, counseling and referrals to OB/GYNs in the area (often PRCs have established relationships with OB/GYNs who can accommodate low-income women via Medicaid, etc.).



They generously provide baby items ranging from layettes and baby clothes to formula, diapers, furniture and toys. Often they will continue providing these items for one or two years after the baby is born, until it is clear that the mother has established a network of support. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Medicaid, WIC, and other government assistance programs, and they also help women with the application processes for these resources.

In the PRCs where I have personally volunteered, employees and other volunteers spend a lot of time with follow-up calls to women who have visited them; after the initial ultrasound, PRCs tend to keep the relationship going throughout the pregnancy, and will even continue to call the mother to see how she is doing postpartum and beyond.

With little support, the bill is unlikely to succeed this time around in Wisconsin.