Ohio Democrats Ban Pro-Life Group From Public Hearing on Abortion

State   |   Katie McCann   |   Sep 19, 2013   |   1:28PM   |   Columbus, OH

Yesterday, a committee of House Democrats held a “hearing” at the Ohio Statehouse to smear Ohio Right to Life’s five pro-life budget amendments.

The pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians marketed the event as a “hearing” on women’s health–without expecting to have to follow hearing rules. It seems that the pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians were attempting to disguise a dog-and-pony-show press conference as a “hearing” in an attempt to regain some of their ever-diminishing credibility.

In accordance with the expectations that a public hearing is open to the public and therefore open to testimonies from both sides, Ohio Right to Life arrived to defend our strong pro-life budget, asking to offer testimony.

The pro-abortion Democrats were quick to deny us the opportunity to speak the truth and let Ohio women hear the other side.

Instead, the “hearing” was a series of testimonies from six pro-abortion witnesses that represented organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

Testimonies bemoaned the budget amendment that requires abortionists to perform an ultrasound and inform a woman of whether her baby has a beating heart. Clearly, the pro-abortion crowd does not want women to be informed about what’s happening in their bodies or in their children’s.

After all, an informed and compassionate woman is the scariest thing to Big Abortion.¬†With abortions costing about $500 on average, the abortionist likely sees informing a woman about her and her child’s bodies as a financial loss.

As Planned Parenthood executes 391 abortions for every adoption referral they make, it’s clear that the abortion industry is not out to give women unbiased information on all of their choices. Adoption referrals, unlike abortions, just don’t bring in revenue.

Really, it’s no wonder that the pro-abortion Democrats imposed a gag order on Ohio Right to Life. Every time a woman catches wind of the truth about the abortion industry is another step on the path to its demise.

LifeNews Note: Katie McCann writes for Ohio Right to Life.