Shocking Video: College Students Say “Women Need to Have More Abortions”

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Sep 16, 2013   |   3:10PM   |   Fort Collins, CO

Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project has just started our 2nd week, and we are heading to Michigan right now -visiting 4 campuses in the next 4 days with our message of truth – truth about what Planned Parenthood is really about…abortion.

You see, last week was a whirlwind – we were in Colorado, New Mexico, and New York! And the verdict is in – our Planned Parenthood Project is making waves on campuses and causing student think about abortion and the abortion industry’s Goliath in a way never done before.

Our first day on campus last week, at Colorado State University, our Regional Coordinator caught a conversation between two “pro-abortion” students on film and it was shocking. In the video a young man says he’s not “pro-choice” but “pro-abortion” and that ‘”we need to start convincing women to have more abortions!”

What an outrage!

You can watch the conversation here. (Also be sure to listen in the video for the “pro-choice” girl who says she went to a Christian high school!)

Then hours before our second day on campus began, a private, Christian school tried to back out of hosting the display, saying it was too conversional to bring up “Planned Parenthood” on their Catholic campus!! Thankfully, our Regional Coordinator, Lauren, who is an alma mater of the school was able to work with the campus administration on a last-minute compromise to allow our display.

I could hardly believe it.

However…while some of our team was at the University of New Mexico on Friday getting cursed at for our truth display, our team at University of Buffalo experienced something we didn’t expect. Instead of being cursed and spat at, we actually had ‘pro-choice’ students approach our team and say that the Planned Parenthood Project was the “best pro-life argument they have ever heard!”

Let me repeat that, “pro-choice” students saw our Planned Parenthood Display and said they were shocked at what we were telling them, that Planned Parenthood is using women for profit, and that our display was the best pro-life argument they have ever heard!

Last week was tough and we expect this week to be even tougher as we know Planned Parenthood has a strong foothold in the state of Michigan. However, we are planting the seeds of truth, and our team is filled with hope for the prospect of what is yet to come in these next 7 weeks!



Make no mistake about it. We are beginning to turn the tide of this generation’s view of Planned Parenthood! And this is what must happen if we are going to abolish abortion in our lifetime – we have to show this generation that the abortion industry is just that “an industry” that is making money off of them. That abortion isn’t about helping women or guaranteeing them “their rights.”

We have a long road a head of us but this tour is making a true difference. We are hitting Planned Parenthood right where it hurts the most -their pocketbooks – helping us get one-step closer to de-funding and bringing down this Goliath once and for for all!

Imagine the day when those responsible for committing more than 300,000 abortions a year, shut their doors nationwide!